Genuitec's Blog: March, 2013

Adjusting the Salesperson Mentality

Posted on Mar 7th 2013
When people hear “Sales”, terms like lead generation, qualification, pain points and cold calling probably come to mind – most likely along with an audible groan. I completely understand, I am a sales person who HATES to be sold.  We all hate a pushy person who presumes to … Read More

Secure Delivery Center Garners High Praise

Posted on Mar 5th 2013
When a company releases a product, it’s a very vulnerable time. On one hand, you are filled with excitement and anticipation of the many options this new product has, the new technology embedded within. However, on the other hand, you find pure fear. What if the product is … Read More

Eclipse Juno SR2, live now & fast!

Posted on Mar 1st 2013
Day zero – Eclipse Juno SR2 is now live, and we have the fastest installers on the market to get it (no hyperbole, seriously – we have the fastest installers). Click here for Juno SR2. Congratulations to the Eclipse Foundation – we’ve all eagerly awaited this release. Side … Read More

Perfection is Not a Valid Goal

Posted on Mar 1st 2013
Many years ago I thought of source code as some sort of art form. I actually had a belief that it could be “perfect”, to a level, and that pursuit of this goal of perfection was somehow important. It was something akin to believing that software developers were artists that … Read More
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