Genuitec's Blog: August, 2013

Finding the Winning Attitude

Posted on Aug 28th 2013

The President of our company, Maher Masri, shared the above poem with us during our August company meeting. For weeks I’ve stared at this poem thinking about what it means to me on a personal level, what it means for me in my work, and how it might … Read More

Meet Piotr, our Extreme Architect

Posted on Aug 23rd 2013

Each month I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of our staff members here at Genuitec and share a little bit about what they do to make our software awesome. This month, I’d like you to meet Piotr, our Extreme MyEclipse Product Architect. Piotr has been … Read More

Java – Still a Top Earning Language for Developers

Posted on Aug 22nd 2013

Today, blogger Ben Podgursky, took to the webs to share his findings compiled from research on GitHub, in a demographic report listing 20+ of the most used programming languages along side with the average yearly income for developers using that language. You can read the full blog from … Read More

Experience a More Powerful Integration with New One-Click Maven Support

Posted on Aug 20th 2013

With the release of MyEclipse 2013, Genuitec has had the opportunity to offer developers around the world some of the the most incredible updates to our IDE in years. BUT – we didn’t just stop at giving you mobile tools that allow you to develop cross-platform complex applications. … Read More

EclipseCon Europe – Drink Beer, Be Merry.

Posted on Aug 16th 2013

Summer is slipping away in the northern hemisphere, and 2013 is well along its way to the second half of the year. Glum as it sounds, we like the changing of seasons best and a cold biting winter is our ideal outdoor weather. (I could be alone in … Read More

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