Posted on Aug 20th 2013


With the release of MyEclipse 2013, Genuitec has had the opportunity to offer developers around the world some of the the most incredible updates to our IDE in years. BUT - we didn't just stop at giving you mobile tools that allow you to develop cross-platform complex applications. No siree! Now, we're giving you the power to integrate Maven tooling with one-click, letting you amp up your projects quickly!

This new, expanded Maven support will allow you to add Maven capabilities to new and existing Java, EJB, Web, and EAR projects that can be managed from within your MyEclipse IDE.

All new Maven for MyEclipse now provides:

  • One-click integration
  • Easy POM Editing
  • Automation for the Addition of Dependencies
  • Simply Import of Existing Maven Projects into MyEclipse
  • Customizable Maven Project Structure
  • EAR Project Support

Want to see it in action? Or learn more about our new Maven capabilities? Click the above button to watch a video introducing these latest updates to MyEclipse 2013.