Summer is slipping away in the northern hemisphere, and 2013 is well along its way to the second half of the year. Glum as it sounds, we like the changing of seasons best and a cold biting winter is our ideal outdoor weather. (I could be alone in that statement - in fact, I know I am).

In the chill of October, we're thrilled to leave the US to meet our colleagues and friends as we attend the EclipseCon Europe 2013 conference. This event presents opportunities for us to meet up and share war stories with our peers who we mostly see only online - it's a time to attend classes together, a share comradery at the pub later on.

Genuitec is speaking this year as well - we're giving a presentation with our customer CERN on open source management, and the surprises that enterprises worldwide are about to experience.

So as you watch the seasons change, kids going back to school, and the world gently shifting its seasonal gears onto the next weather pattern - give a thought to joining us in Germany in October - it will be worth it. Promise.

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-Jason O'Keefe


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Jason is the senior marketing manager at Genuitec. He runs the department with the help of a fantastic staff who manage to laugh and joke a lot while doing the heavy lifting of marketing. Sometimes he uses too many flowery words in his copy, but he can't help it. Learn more, here.

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Posted on Aug 16th 2013