Genuitec's Blog: July, 2017

Webscripting Made Easy with JSjet.

Posted on Jul 31st 2017
Update: Webclipse has now been transformed into CodeMix. So you already know about some cool features our Webclipse has to offer, like CodeLive or Emmet. Here is one more reason for you to put your trust in this Eclipse plug-in — it comes equipped with JSjet, our tool that simplifies web scripting for … Read More

Faster Coding is a Reality — Emmet is at Your Service.

Posted on Jul 27th 2017
Update: Webclipse has now been transformed into CodeMix.Being able to see what your app will look like without having to redeploy first is a great thing, thanks to our CodeLive. Want another reason for using Webclipse, our Eclipse plug-in? There are plenty more, actually, but let’s talk about … Read More

Beware of Software Scams

Posted on Jul 19th 2017
Even though imitation might be the best form of flattery, we are Genuitec, LLC, not Genuitec, Inc. Someone is using our name and old logo to run a number of scams, including real estate transactions and software sales, with the clear intent to hide behind Genuitec’s good name. … Read More
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