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CodeTogether – Taking Pair Programming Remote.

Posted on Jun 23rd 2017

“Two heads are better than one.”, you might hear often, but, that assumes you can get the right two heads together. Pair programming is not an new practice, and it seems everyone has an opinion as to its costs and effectiveness. At Genuitec, we’ve continually evolved our collaborative … Read More

Creating Your First Angular 4 App Using Angular IDE

Posted on Jun 12th 2017

Some time ago an article Creating My First Web App with Angular 2 in Eclipse was published. Since then, Angular was upgraded and became Angular 4, and new tooling for it in Webclipse appeared. Let’s see how creating a simple application using Angular 4 and new Angular tooling … Read More

CI 6 — More Magic Coming Your Way!

Posted on Jun 7th 2017

The magic continues — CI 6 is has just come out, bringing more software updates that offer continuous improvement to our tooling. Even though some breaks in CI 5 affected just a few users, we’re taking this opportunity to add a series of incremental features… Read More

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