Genuitec's Blog: October, 2014

EclipseCon Europe 2014 – Here We Come!

Posted on Oct 27th 2014
We’re excited to be returning to EclipseCon Europe in beautiful Ludwigsburg, Germany!For Genuitec, EclipseCon Europe is the place to be for getting the vibe on the hottest Eclipse technologies. It also gives a chance to catch up with some of our customers. We can’t wait to share all … Read More

Work Hard to Play Hard!

Posted on Oct 21st 2014
Last week our management team spent the week in a caffeinated and cozy little Starbucks room making plans for 2015. Every year our team gathers to investigate industry trends and news, review product lines, and make strategic plans for the coming year.A special thanks to Starbucks for hosting our … Read More

Better JavaScript Now in MyEclipse 2015: CI 6

Posted on Oct 9th 2014
MyEclipse 2015 CI 6 is now available!For this latest update we’ve given our JavaScript support a boost! JavaScript content assist provided in both standalone JS files as well as HTML files has been significantly improved in terms of the number and validity of the proposals provided. Also, you’ll find easier access to content assist for a large … Read More

Upcoming Webinar with SSI Schäfer: Make Your Own Eclipse

Posted on Oct 9th 2014
We are pleased to announce a joint webinar with SSI Schäfer on Wednesday, October 22nd at the following times: 7 AM Los Angeles 10 AM New York 3 PM London 4 PM Vienna. Join us for this informative webinar as we hear from Markus Duft from SSI Schäfer and Jed Anderson from Genuitec on flexing the Eclipse IDE. SSI … Read More
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