Posted on Oct 9th 2014

We are pleased to announce a joint webinar with SSI Schäfer on Wednesday, October 22nd at the following times:
7 AM Los Angeles
10 AM New York
3 PM London
4 PM Vienna.

Join us for this informative webinar as we hear from Markus Duft from SSI Schäfer and Jed Anderson from Genuitec on flexing the Eclipse IDE.


storage-systems-9321-3977115SSI Schäfer employs a unique technology called WAMAS to power manual and fully automated warehouses that support the entire intralogistics process chain.They build on and use the Eclipse IDE to improve the efficiency of development and management for their WAMAS tooling. Using WAMAS, SSI Schäfer is able to move inventory from dock to warehouse and back again rapidly, making them one of the most successful and largest logistics providers worldwide. 

sdc_blueIn this webinar, you’ll hear directly from the SSI Schäfer team about how their business application tool, WAMAS, is leading the cutting edge in Eclipse usage and how they are customizing and flexing the Eclipse IDE with Genuitec’s Secure Delivery Center.

We hope you can join us for this special webinar, as we dive into the lessons learned for building and customizing the Eclipse IDE.

Getting to know your webinar hosts:


Markus Duft is a Software Architect at Salomon Automation GmbH where he works directly on SSI Schäfer's WAMAS tool.

Jed Anderson is a Development Manager at Genuitec, focused on the production and development of our software management, security and delivery tool, Secure Delivery Center.

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