Posted on Oct 21st 2014

DSC_0712Last week our management team spent the week in a caffeinated and cozy little Starbucks room making plans for 2015. Every year our team gathers to investigate industry trends and news, review product lines, and make strategic plans for the coming year.

A special thanks to Starbucks for hosting our management team!

This year we added a little bit of fun to the long days....Whirlyball!

Tucked into the west side of Plano, Texas is this little gem of a place where you get to mash up basketball, bumper cars, and whiffle ball! And let us just tell you IT'S A BLAST!

Whirlyball also revealed some interesting tidbits about some our the Genuitec team. For instance, Kimberley from our Sales team gets really rambunctious and loud while playing sports. Tim, director of innovation, has a killer right hook shot. And Jason over in Marketing bruises really quickly. (Editorial remark from Jason - Sara over in sales had a souped up cart that was capable of ramming at incredible speeds, hence the bruising). :) 

Here's a couple snapshots from the our team-building exercise:

IMG_3022 IMG_3028 IMG_3039