Genuitec's Blog: February, 2013

Preparing for Software Tooling Longevity

Posted on Feb 27th 2013
At Genuitec, we are very interested in the longevity of software tooling because it is critical for our customers’ success.  At its most basic level, software environment longevity is the ability to create a permanent archive of your complete software development environment coupled with the ability to reinstantiate … Read More

Meanwhile in London, chatting about virtual offices

Posted on Feb 6th 2013
Our Secure Delivery Center architect, Tim Webb, just returned from a speaking engagement in London at the Monki Gras event. He talked to virtualization and what it means to work in a company (Genuitec) that operates entirely virtual. We’ve been doing this since 1997 and maintain global sales … Read More

CERN uses Secure Delivery Center, should you?

Posted on Feb 4th 2013
CERN, the leading research facility for investigation into the origins of the universe, chose our Secure Delivery Center [SDC] to address their unique open source tooling objectives.  With a focus on science coupled with a revolving door of software engineers, CERN needed a solution to facilitate rapid tooling … Read More
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