Posted on Feb 4th 2013

CERN, the leading research facility for investigation into the origins of the universe, chose our Secure Delivery Center [SDC] to address their unique open source tooling objectives.  With a focus on science coupled with a revolving door of software engineers, CERN needed a solution to facilitate rapid tooling support for control systems of the Large Hadron Collider [LHC].

SDC delivers the exact software needed for CERN engineers to develop and support their numerous tools, while CERN's IT managers benefit by low overhead and rapid knowledge transference.

To learn how CERN uses SDC to manage the LHC and its unique operational environment, please see the case study here.

Learn more about SDC, here.

If some of the smartest scientists and software engineers who created the World Wide Web and distributed computing use SDC, maybe you should try it out - click here for a free trail of SDC.