Genuitec's Blog: September, 2011

What if you could get IBM RAD for $159?

Posted on Sep 28th 2011
“Price matching.” We’ve all seen it. It’s where a vendor promises to match the price of an item sold by a competing vendor. Typically, the customer visits the 1st vendor with proof that vendor 2 is selling the item at a lower price. Vendor 1 verifies the cost … Read More

IBM Employees Leaving RAD Behind?

Posted on Sep 15th 2011
IBM® (and specifically Rational) is one of Genuitec’s largest competitors. We’ve never been shy about that, nor do we apologize for putting their tools in the cross-hairs. We manufacture MyEclipse Blue Edition and MyEclipse Bling Edition specifically to service customers who want advanced WebSphere® IDEs at a lower … Read More

Microsoft Team Foundation Server and MyEclipse Blue

Posted on Sep 13th 2011
We’ve started to receive a number of customer inquiries regarding the compatibility of Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) with MyEclipse Blue Edition – the short answer is yes, it is absolutely compatible! Let’s go through a step-by-step visual process to show you how to link it all up. … Read More
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