Posted on Sep 15th 2011

IBM® (and specifically Rational) is one of Genuitec's largest competitors.

We've never been shy about that, nor do we apologize for putting their tools in the cross-hairs. We manufacture MyEclipse Blue Edition and MyEclipse Bling Edition specifically to service customers who want advanced WebSphere® IDEs at a lower cost (with Bling having the added bonus of the world's most advanced Spring tooling).

Usually, the complaints companies have with RAD revolve around performance issues, installation footprint, high cost and complexity in setup and maintenance. Our goal was to solve these issues by creating a lightweight, inexpensive, advanced IDE for WebSphere® developers. Additionally, we recently added the aforementioned Spring tools to serve customers who had Spring coding needs that went beyond what RAD could provide.

So, recently we get an email from an IBM® employee who has had it with RAD. Of course, he gets RAD for free internally, but he doesn't care about this. He is hoping to outfit his entire development team with MyEclipse Bling Edition (yes, purchase MyEclipse Bling instead of using RAD for free). His rationale?

MyEclipse Bling makes me very happy...much quicker turnaround with deployment and debugging. RAD doesn't even compare here - it's a waaaay too heavy, slow and overly-complicated IDE.
  - IBM Developer (employee)

And it turns out he's already a fan of some of the features he finds superior:

I already love the MyEclipse JPA Reverse Engineering wizard. Saved me TONS of time.

Thus, vindication of our efforts gives us the warm fuzzies today. End of story, right? This is a one-time incident Genuitec is using to market products.


IBM® has recently become one of Genuitec's biggest customers in addition to being the biggest competitor.

We must say, it's nice to have our products validated by IBM® staff, and that the value is clear. So clear, in fact, that some IBM® developers themselves are looking for a switch from RAD to MyEclipse. Maybe you should take a look too.