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Get RC1: Inching Closer to Eclipse 4.4, Luna.

Posted on May 23rd 2014
The first release candidate for Eclipse 4.4 Luna is now available! You can grab RC1 for the Eclipse 4.4 IDE at the link below, as well as learn about some of the coolest features coming to Luna in just over 30 days. We’ve put together a really cool site to … Read More

Get Some Raspberry Pi In Your Face!

Posted on Mar 25th 2014
Our team is back from EclipseCon North America! We enjoyed our time in sunny San Francisco, but now we’re ready to hit the ground running. Our week at EclipseCon was filled with activities, from exhibit hours, meet-and-greets, to our Raspberry Pi session down to indoor go-karting, we are … Read More

Java EE 7 Lends Power & Productivity to MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Jan 15th 2014
MyEclipse 2014 has been out for just over a month now and we’re excited to hear that many of you are adopting the new workbench. The new workbench was specifically designed to coincide with the richer functionality of Java EE 7 while bringing you a higher productivity and … Read More

Add REST WEB APIs with Just One-Click

Posted on Jan 7th 2014
Faster, faster. For 2014, we’re focusing on giving Eclipse Java developers what they need most – time. We get it, you’re busier than ever before and you’re developing for more devices. It can mean a lot of work duplication, a lot of editing and quite frankly a lot … Read More

Java EE 7 in MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Dec 12th 2013
Java EE 7 For MyEclipse 2014. MyEclipse is known for wrapping up all the goodness of open-source, popular Eclipse technologies, and adding our own “secret-sauce” to help take your development further. For 2014, you should expect no less as we’ve taken our normal bar and raised it with … Read More

Experience a More Powerful Integration with New One-Click Maven Support

Posted on Aug 20th 2013
With the release of MyEclipse 2013, Genuitec has had the opportunity to offer developers around the world some of the the most incredible updates to our IDE in years. BUT – we didn’t just stop at giving you mobile tools that allow you to develop cross-platform complex applications. … Read More
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