Posted on Jan 7th 2014

Faster, faster.
For 2014, we’re focusing on giving Eclipse Java developers what they need most - time. We get it, you’re busier than ever before and you’re developing for more devices. It can mean a lot of work duplication, a lot of editing and quite frankly a lot of banging your head against the wall. No more, not if you use MyEclipse 2014.

ME2014_REST_APITry MyEclipse 2014 to get instant REST service capabilities using intuitive wizards to add and edit REST methods, test REST services with our REST explorer, as well as instantly expose REST patterns in Cloud APIs for easier consumption.





Get RESTful with One-Click.
MyEclipse 2014 gives you more automation to speed up the development process, cutting down on wasted time spent investigating and coding by hand. Now with the click of a button, you can instantly expose REST patterns in Cloud APIs for additional development and/or integration. Our market-leading wizards will empower you to expose existing JPA entities as REST facades with a simple click.

oneclick_restfulFrom there, you can use our market-leading wizards to take your development to the next stage. Use our new JEE 7 platform to create enterprise application for the cloud, web, mobile and desktop with ease.

Go Social or Go Home.

socialnetworkingLet’s face it. The average person spends a vast majority of their time on phones, computers and tablets to grab the data they need. Thus, if you’re not developing apps accessible on these channels, you’ve missed your market and pretty much every relevant market on planet earth. MyEclipse 2014 smart wizards makes it easy to quickly adopt REST Web Services into your mobile developments, and of course your web and desktop developments too!

Looking Ahead.
You can expect future releases to have a continued focus on Cloud APIs with the addition of an improved REST explorer and tester, as well as flexible client generation capabilities including the ability to fold in consumed Cloud APIs from social channels like Google+, Facebook and Twitter to allow you to connect with your markets where they access data the most. Stay tuned to our blog or follow us on Twitter (@MyEclipseIDE) for current happenings.

Simplicity at its Best.mejava1
Developing shouldn’t have to be hard. Adding the tools and features to your projects shouldn’t have to be a scavenger hunt. That’s why we’ve built MyEclipse 2014 on the Eclipse Kepler 4.3.1 platform and given you a more intuitive experience with a more usable UI. Now you can easily access the tools, application servers and wizards you need with a single click, enabling you to go from the cloud to your device and back to the cloud again.

Try it for FREE.
You can test out all the new awesomeness that is MyEclipse 2014 for free. For 30 days, you can dabble, play, and develop at no cost. We’re confident that’s enough time to win you over. After all, not one of our competitors offers you the ability to access over 50 application servers, including IBM WebSphere servers and the more lightweight IBM Liberty Profile.

Genuitec follows a “cloud-first” strategy and has out-of-the-box solutions available for delivery and management to help you (and your team) keep the focus squarely on development.

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