Posted on Dec 12th 2013

Java EE 7 For MyEclipse 2014.javaee7_1

MyEclipse is known for wrapping up all the goodness of open-source, popular Eclipse technologies, and adding our own “secret-sauce” to help take your development further. For 2014, you should expect no less as we’ve taken our normal bar and raised it with Java EE 7.

MyEclipse 2014 was specifically designed to coincide with the richer functionality of Java EE 7, while bringing higher productivity and a deeper integration of HTML5 into your development.

Project Wizards Built For Java EE 7.

The Java EE 7 platform offers new namespaces, elements and attributes to help ease the amount of code written by you, the developer. Use the project wizards to incorporate the new offerings and quickly create applications for desktop, mobile, web and cloud based on Java EE 7. The mobile tools offered in MyEclipse 2014 help you push productivity further than before, write HTML5 apps which work on the mobile platform of your choice - Android or iOS and yes, we support iOS 7 too!

Updated Libraries.

Our libraries have been expanded to give you full access to the the new Java EE 7 API catalog; with in-built support for JAX-RS(REST) 2.0, JPA 2.1, JSF 2.2, you can extend your existing applications or create new applications right off the bat. New features abound, for instance, with MyEclipse 2014, you can now generate REST facades from JPA entities with the click of a button.

Java EE 7 Server Support.

wildflyYou can also immediately deploy your Java EE 7 applications to servers that already support this platform, like Tomcat 8, Glassfish 4, and Wildfly 8.




Watch this video for a quick peek at MyEclipse 2014:

MyEclipse 2014 is the preferred Java IDE of today’s developer and is sure to help you get ahead of the curve to quickly adopt what will easily become an industry standard with instant support for Java EE 7.

If you haven’t updated to the new workbench, you can download it here. All current MyEclipse subscribers can update to the MyEclipse 2014 workbench at no cost and those of you whom are simply curious about all this “supposed” goodness, can download the workbench and instantly take advantage of a free 30-day trial.

About Genuitec.

Genuitec follows a “cloud-first” strategy and has out-of-the-box solutions available for delivery and management to help you (and your team) keep the focus squarely on development.

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