Posted on May 23rd 2014

VL-19The first release candidate for Eclipse 4.4 Luna is now available!

You can grab RC1 for the Eclipse 4.4 IDE at the link below, as well as learn about some of the coolest features coming to Luna in just over 30 days. We've put together a really cool site to help connect you with all things Eclipse Luna related, including a video trailer which highlights stellar statistics on what's gone into the release, a Tweet deck that allows you to share with us your favorite feature, and coming soon a download portal where you can get the full Eclipse 4.4 Luna release in your preferred download favor.

Check out our Eclipse 4.4 Luna page and don't forget to share with us on Twitter your favorite Luna feature using hashtags #eclipse #luna!

Congrats to the Eclipse Foundation and all the contributors to this release train! We can't wait to see more of Luna as this train keeps on rolling.