Posted on Oct 27th 2014

We’re excited to be returning to EclipseCon Europe in beautiful Ludwigsburg, Germany!

For Genuitec, EclipseCon Europe is the place to be for getting the vibe on the hottest Eclipse technologies. It also gives a chance to catch up with some of our customers. We can’t wait to share all the awesome things happening with our products and look forward to meeting you.

Come to booth #18 to meet the Genuitec team and our friends at SSI Schäfer. 

Accelerating Eclipse Development at SSI Schäfer.

Stop by our booth to meet Markus Duft from SSI Schäfer, the leader in warehouse logistics management. SSI Schäfer's business application for logistics has grown over the last decade building on and using Eclipse. SSI Schäfer's unique WAMAS solution has pushed the envelope of what companies are doing with Eclipse. 

Markus Duft will be available to share how SSI Schäfer leverages Eclipse and OS tools to power their WAMAS software with the help of Genuitec’s Secure Delivery Center.

Want a sneak peek at the technology that power's SSI Schäfer's cranes at speeds of 4 meters per second? Click below to learn more about SDC.

Meet your EclipseCon Europe Conference Team.

While not a stranger to the technology industry, Emanuel is new to Genuitec and is our product awareness representative for the European market. Not to worry, he’s literally spent the last 2 months doing nothing but immersing himself in learning and testing Genuitec products.
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Tamara is the senior product representative for Genuitec. Tamara joined the Genuitec team 2 years after having spent 10 years in the tech industry with IBM. Tamara is a key player to our North American sales task force, where she specializes in aligning customers with Genuitec products best suited to their needs.
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Jed is our development manager for SDC, in other words, he’s the guy on the conference floor you want to go to with your hardest Eclipse and OS delivery problems. As a long standing contributor to the Eclipse community, he lives for Eclipse technologies and Italian espressos. In fact, he breathes in Eclipse so heavily that once upon a time he sneezed and out came SDC.

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