Posted on Mar 7th 2013

When people hear “Sales”, terms like lead generation, qualification, pain points and cold calling probably come to mind - most likely along with an audible groan. I completely understand, I am a sales person who HATES to be sold.  We all hate a pushy person who presumes to know what you need and tries to fit their product into that box. I know what my needs are, and I don’t need someone to tell me what I want. If you are facing customers with this same mentality, you’re instantly at a deficit.  How do you sell to people who hate to be sold?   How do you manage a sales team not to act like “salespeople”?

I believe it’s by focusing on customer service. Whether you are working with an existing customer who is deciding whether to continue with your product or you are reaching out to a new potential lead, the basics of good customer service will always give you a leg up. Almost any sales class, book or blog will say the same thing; sales is about building relationships because people buy from people they like.

A few simple do’s and don’ts we follow here at Genuitec:

DO Be Nice and Informative - It is okay to build up your product and explain you have other solutions that may fit their needs
DON’T Ramble on about products they don’t care about - If you can’t bridge the product you are currently discussing and the product you want to talk about in three sentences or less, don’t try.

DO Anticipate Customers Needs - If I am chatting with someone who will be rolling MyEclipse out to a number of users, it makes sense they may need a product like Secure Delivery Center that can manage and maintain that rollout.
DON’T waste time discussing something that does not fit their needs. - If I am chatting with someone who deploys to a Tomcat server, I am not going to waste time trying to sell them MyEclipse Blue which targeted to Websphere users.

DO Follow-Up with people - Everyone is busy juggling multiple hats.  There is no need to lose a sale because someone forgot your product was even an option.
DON’T Badger Someone - Everyone is busy juggling multiple hats. - There is no need to lose a sale because someone found you to be annoying.

I am not saying that we don’t use tried and true sales methods. We do run lead generation programs. We do qualify leads. We even occasionally make cold calls. There are thousands of books and classes providing variations of the same rules of selling, but if you come across as the stereotypical salesperson you are likely losing the sale before you've had a chance to enter your notes in a CRM. So stop selling people, listen to what they want and need, then help them understand how you can help.

- Sara Konz
About the Blogger:

Sara is the Customer Relations Manager at Genuitec. When Sara is not busy clinching sales, she's working on her takedown skills in Kenju-ryu. We know her as an avid sports fan who prefers to office in the great outdoors.