If one or more of these phrases have crossed your mind while debugging, you need help.

bob-ugh“Tell them it's a feature”
“Say it's not supported”
“Blame it on the hardware”
“Find a way around it”
“Tell them they need an upgrade”
“Reinstall the software”
“Ask for a dump again”
“Run with the debugger”
“Try to reproduce it”

We can agree that most bugs appear as a result of a tired programmer. It is only natural that while coding, in the back of your mind the thought of the upcoming lengthy debugging session seems to always be there. (This is why you clench, fall on your knees, and look up to heaven when you run it and there are no bugs). At the end this becomes like the egg and the chicken situation. Are you getting bugs because you are tired, or you are tired of thinking of bugs. Who knows?

Basically once you start programming, a large part of your life will be dedicated to find mistakes in your own programs. Unless of course you find a powerful debugger, and by that we mean ours.

javaDebugger-iconA little about Webclipse JavaScript debugger:

With Webclipse JavaScript debug you can now debug your JavaScript, (X)HTML, JSP and Node.js files from Eclipse. With the JavaScript Debugger, JavaEE applications launched from Eclipse are rendered in the Google Chrome browser for effortless debugging using the standard Eclipse Debugger interface you are accustomed to. Now you can set breakpoints in your JavaScript code using the standard Eclipse editors before you even have an active debug session.



Whenever you are ready, download Webclipse. [It’s FREE]

“If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in”



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Posted on Aug 25th 2015