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Re-think Cloud and Mobile with MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Jan 3rd 2014
Yesterday Wired magazine published a guest piece on the demise of legacy applications and the importance of “rethinking existing business process systems for the new opportunities and constraints of cloud.” After outlining some common rationalizations on why CIOs stray from the move over to cloud development, writer Michael … Read More

Java EE 7 in MyEclipse 2014

Posted on Dec 12th 2013
Java EE 7 For MyEclipse 2014. MyEclipse is known for wrapping up all the goodness of open-source, popular Eclipse technologies, and adding our own “secret-sauce” to help take your development further. For 2014, you should expect no less as we’ve taken our normal bar and raised it with … Read More

Away on Nov. 27th for Thanksgiving – gobble gobble

Posted on Nov 26th 2013
Greetings, customers! We’ll be closing down mid-afternoon Wednesday, November 27th to begin celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with our families in the US. Some Genuitec’ers outside the US will be in the office, but the US team if off enjoying the holiday. Please expect delays in sales and customer … Read More

Finding the Winning Attitude

Posted on Aug 28th 2013
Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information. The President of our company, Maher Masri, shared the above poem with us during our August company meeting. For weeks I’ve stared at this poem thinking about what it means to me … Read More
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