Drum-roll please!


Jake Crossin


Jake - Please expect an email from us with details on how to collect your TARDIS. And of course, Congrats! We wish you an abundance of traveling the universe in your TARDIS!




We're also pleased to announce the following 3 people will be receiving $50 Amazon gift cards from us as a reward for being our top referrers!

1. Craig Hurle
2. Daniel Skorka
3. Daniel J

We'll be emailing each of you directly to coordinate the receipt of your gift cards.

Thank-you-post-itA huge THANK YOU to all of you who participated in our first raffle! We had a massive turn-out with over 70,000 entries.

Stay tuned to the Genuitec Raffle page, as we'll be unveiling our next raffle on Friday, November 29th at 5 PM CST.

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