Genuitec's Blog: May, 2016

Boost Productivity with MyEclipse—App Servers, Deployment, Testing & Utilities

Posted on May 19th 2016
This article completes the series on ways you can boost productivity with MyEclipse. If you happened to miss my other articles, refer to the first article for setup information and the second article for coding and navigation tips.  App Server ConnectorsMyEclipse provides nearly 20 application server connectors out … Read More

Succeeding Virtually — Part 1

Posted on May 17th 2016
Welcome to our first installment of Succeeding Virtually, a blog written specifically for software companies with a virtual office. At Genuitec, we have been working virtually for the last decade and over that time we have developed a number of tips and tricks to ensure our success. In … Read More

Boost Productivity with MyEclipse—Coding & Navigation

Posted on May 13th 2016
MyEclipse is a powerful Java EE IDE for today’s modern enterprise developer. This article is the second in a series discussing ways to boost productivity with MyEclipse. The first article, focused on project setup. This article showcases time-saving tips and tricks to improve MyEclipse coding and navigation.Code CompletionMyEclipse delivers an … Read More

An Introduction to Angular 2

Posted on May 6th 2016
Update:  Since this blog was first published, Genuitec has released an Angular IDE with advanced support for both TypeScript and Angular 2. ResourcesAngular is a JavaScript framework used to create and maintain single-page web applications. It all began in 2009 when Misko Hevery was working on the Google Feedback … Read More
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