Dani Faris
Summer intern at Genuitec! I am using their products DevStyle, CodeMix and Angular IDE to create projects in different programming languages such as Python and Angular. Providing a new user experience for other developers as well as insight to help facilitate optimal development and learning. Stay tuned...
Posted on Aug 14th 2018

Python support provided by CodeMix has proven to make a world of difference to me. In this blog, I will highlight some of my favorite aspects.

Intelligent Code Completion and More

CodeMix IntelliSense tools are amazing, hands down. As shown below you can see an outside Python library import in another Python program I created that analyzes the semantics of tweets based on keywords chosen by the user (plus a change in my theme thanks to DevStyle).

Cool right? Look at the information CodeMix is able to provide for me! I no longer have uncertainty about the functionality of different tools in different programs. With `Ctrl / Cmd` you can hover over symbols and see their declarations inline, giving you the ability to find information on the text based on language semantics and an analysis of your code. Additionally, no need to worry about mistyping words as you can see CodeMix’s superior inference capability completes my words for me, looking not only for syntax issues, but also potential bugs, or just poorly written code. It’s like writing a paper with a premier editing tool that completes your sentences for you accurately and fast, allowing you to create the best possible content with ease. Could one expect even better Python support? The answer is yes – keep on reading to find out more!

Powerful Debugging

CodeMix brings in a powerful debugger just like Eclipse does, but for a plethora of languages beyond Java. Instead of needing to install plugins for every language and framework, CodeMix delivers the same great extensions that framework developers are creating for VS Code, and lets you use them in Eclipse! Yes please!

Extensions can be activated without restarting your IDE—giving you immediate access to new capabilities and debugging power. What I enjoy most about the CodeMix debugger is you don’t have to navigate out of your code to debug your program! You can now see a live preview of where exactly the debugger is in your program, examining and testing what you need all in one personalized perspective. This not only saved me a lot of time but also potential frustration with managing multiple perspectives, allowing me to stay focused on coding and more importantly learning Python. Again, Python support at an amazing level!

It’s All a Matter of Perspective!

When I started developing in Python, I was having to switch between multiple perspectives in Eclipse to get the language support I needed. Constantly changing perspectives quickly became tedious for me as I found myself spending too much time worrying about being in the correct one. Knowing this wouldn’t be the only language I would develop in, I was glad to learn there is the perfect solution – the CodeMix plugin (you can find all the information to get you started with Python Development with CodeMix here).

Below, you can see the differences in my Python development before and after CodeMix.

Before CodeMix…

After CodeMix…

But for those of you who have the PyDev plugin installed, no need to worry as CodeMix works well alongside your previous tools without impacting their functionality! Keep using the tools you love and are comfortable with because CodeMix is here to improve on the ones you use already and bring you a personally tailored development experience like never before.

Keyboard Power

Moreover, I used to constantly reach for my mouse while developing and didn’t realize the time I was losing with such a small, simple action. After learning more about keyboard commands with CodeMix, I wonder how I ever worked without them. For example, press `Ctrl + P` or `Ctrl + Shift + P` and quickly acquire the ability to do just about anything with your code.

Like I said though, you can use keyboard commands to do just about anything — from navigating between files, running builds and initiating a debug session, to jumping to different sections of your code and performing advanced edits (i.e. removing unused imports). Not having to reach for my mouse has given me a HUGE productivity boost. By effectively using keyboard commands, I can navigate around my code and workspace efficiently and leverage the full potential of CodeMix.

In Conclusion

To conclude this blog, I want to emphasize that these are just some of the functionalities and differences I have enjoyed while using CodeMix in my Python development. My experience working with CodeMix’s Python tools has exceeded my expectations (especially as a previous user of the PyDev plugin), as I now have the best of Eclipse and VS Code all in one work environment. Here are some of my favorite CodeMix features: the ability to catch problems I used to only be able to hit at runtime, and automatically correct errors in my code with content assist suggestions that are accurate and accompanied by documentation. I also love having my code completed for me as I type, and using an integrated debugger that delivers the power and familiarity of the Eclipse Java debugger… the list goes on! Learning Python has become so much easier for me, and the time I projected to master this powerful language has been significantly reduced. CodeMix has given me the expertise and support to truly develop with excitement, confidence, and speed, like never before.

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