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Summer intern at Genuitec! I am using their products DevStyle, CodeMix and Angular IDE to create projects in different programming languages such as Python and Angular. Providing a new user experience for other developers as well as insight to help facilitate optimal development and learning. Stay tuned...
Posted on Jul 17th 2018

DevStyle Rescued My Workspace!

As a new developer working in Eclipse, nothing was worse than doing a project and looking at an outdated, plain workspace. It was boring, and took away from the excitement and learning these projects had to offer. This was an IDE I would be using almost every day, so when I learned about the DevStyle plugin for Eclipse, it was a real game changer for me.

We like to decorate and personalize everything in our lives so why sell yourself short on your development workspace and leave it looking dull and unwelcoming? DevStyle’s options for personalization are unlimited and the ability to change my development environment however I want, whenever I want, is so helpful and fun as I tackle and embark on more coding projects.

And clearly I’m not the only developer that likes DevStyle as it is the 2nd most popular trending Eclipse plugin among the thousands of plugins hosted on the Eclipse Marketplace. You can install the DevStyle plugin from the Eclipse Marketplace here. And I assure you, this is something you won’t regret doing for yourself.

The Before and the After

To give you a little taste of what you’re missing out on… Below is a side by side comparison of my workspace before and after using DevStyle’s custom themes, as well as a sneak peek of the wonderful tools the CodeMix plugin brings to my workspace.

Before DevStyle and CodeMix…

After DevStyle and CodeMix…

But wait there’s more! To top it all off,  if you don’t find a theme that suits you, DevStyle allows you to easily create or manipulate your own custom theme exactly the way YOU want to. With a simple import process and now a custom design that can be saved and used later, DevStyle gives you a breadth of opportunities to personalize your development environment however you want, whenever you want.

DevStyle is much more than looks, though. You can easily dive into your project with the new startup experience it has to offer. You can also keep on coding without interruptions: when you need to find a piece of code, it’s as easy as pressing Ctrl + F, and every instance will be highlighted for you. Navigating throughout your project is an entirely different story too now – just follow the “breadcrumb trail” to jump to the resource you need.

And CodeMix, well… It has been been love at first sight for me – but more on that in my next blog.

Happy Coding… \(^‿^)/

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