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Posted on Apr 18th 2024

All new Eclipse Discovery Pack, Java 21 & 17 Packs and Eclipse Plugin Manager Updated

What’s the Eclipse Plugin Manager?

We’re slowly moving away from the “Secure Delivery Center” / SDC product name to “Eclipse Plugin Manager”, as the latter is more descriptive of SDC’s capabilities. This is only a name change, the functionality will remain exactly the same, and you will continue to see SDC branding within the product during the transition.

Distributing Eclipse 2024-03 Tools and Products

If you need to distribute and run Eclipse 2024-03 behind your firewall, the new Eclipse Plugin Manager updates have you covered.

What’s in the new Eclipse Plugin Manager 2024 update?
1. Eclipse Plugin Manager (SDC) 6.1.0
2. Eclipse Discovery Pack for Eclipse 2024-03
3. Java Packs for Java 21 & 17

Note: Before you can work with Eclipse 2024-03 in the Eclipse Plugin Manager you will need to install or upgrade to the new Eclipse Plugin Manager (SDC) 6.1.0 release.

You will need the Eclipse Discovery Pack for  2024-03 which you can download using, “Get Packs” from the Admin Console. Use the pack to create new Eclipse 2024-03 installs or upgrade existing installs to this release.


As always, you can customize an Eclipse package by adding the plugins you love and configuring key preferences that will be set automatically on the user’s workspace.

SDC will then generate an offline installer that will give your developers a fully configured IDE right out of the box, with no further set up or installations required.

Tech Tip: If you installed the Eclipse 2024-03 Discovery pack prior to April 15, 2024, please replace it with the latest version of this pack to avoid issues with Maven tooling in Eclipse.
Follow these steps:
1.  Shut down your SDC server
2.  Delete the [server install location]/DataFiles/packs/eclipse-discovery/v4.31.0 directory
3.  Start your SDC server and use Get Packs to redownload and install the lates Eclipse Discovery 2024-03 pack.

Java Packs

Besides the Eclipse Discovery pack, we’ve also released two new JDK packs. A Java 21.0.2 pack and a Java 17.0.10 pack. Just like the Discovery pack, use “Get Packs” to install these packs to your SDC install and add them to your packages.

Eclipse Plugin Manager (SDC) 2024.04 (6.1.0)

Support for Eclipse 2024-03

Changes in how Eclipse generates update site metadata for 2024-03 results in incompatibilities between this version and prior Eclipse discovery packs as well as third party software that you might wish to add to your packages. This release correctly manages the new discovery pack to address these issues.

Technical note: SDC can check update site metadata for imported sites and discovery packs, verifying that there are no sites that provide varying metadata for the same installable unit. While this check was on by default in prior versions, it is now disabled unless explicitly enabled with a sdc.strict.iu.verfy=true setting in  your admin console and server ini file. 

Linux Installer UI Fix

On some Linux distributions using the Wayland protocol, installers generated by recent SDC versions would appear cropped when executed, making the installer unusable. This release should address most cases in which this would occur, allowing the installers to be normally accessible. Note that installers must be rebuilt after upgrading to this release. 

If the issue still occurs for you, please use the following workarounds:

  • In a shell, execute export GDK_BACKEND=x11 before running the installer.
  • Switch from Wayland to X11 to run the installer. Some distributions allow you to easily switch during login.
  • Run the installer as root

Note that the Admin Console will still exhibit this issue on some Wayland systems.  Until we get this addressed, you can apply the above workarounds to access the Admin Console.

MyEclipse Management

If you manage a MyEclipse package, we have fixed a bug that would affect your ability to select and manage individual components of MyEclipse from the Admin Console.

To get the latest SDC release, click here to download our latest installers. If you’d like to learn more about how Eclipse Plugin Manager can help your team, email us at info@genuitec.com or get in touch with us on X.