N Wayne Parrott
Product Research & Co-founder of Genuitec, LLC. Follow at @wayne_parrott.
Posted on Jan 26th 2024

After a successful 8 week preview period, we are excited to share that Copilot4Eclipse 1.0 is now available. This is a big milestone for the Eclipse developer community. Now we have a free professional-grade plugin that provides access to GitHub Copilot features within our dev environments. For the 1.0 version we have concentrated on providing a quality, real-time coding experience with GitHub Copilot code suggestions. See for yourself in the following example how GitHub Copilot code suggestions are naturally rendered inline as the user types in the Eclipse Java editor.

If you’re thinking “Where’s chat?”, the short answer is hang tight, it’s not too far away. More to come on this topic soon. Today we want to celebrate Copilot4Eclipse 1.0 with you and the many early-access developers. We owe a special thanks to those early adopters who provided us encouragement and constructive feedback.

You can install Copilot4Eclipse 1.0 from the Eclipse Plugin Marketplace.

For our MyEclipse users, Copilot4Eclipse is compatible with the latest MyEclipse version. You can install it from the Eclipse Marketplace now. Additionally, we are working on the next MyEclipse update that will include Copilot4Eclipse and much more.

Welcome to the future of coding with Eclipse.

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