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General Settings and Preferences

Copilot4Eclipse is customized using the Eclipse Preferences Dialog.

1. Viewing Copilot4Eclipse Preferences

From the Copilot menu click the Preferences action.

Alt text

This opens the Copilot4Eclipse Preferences (see below).

2. Copilot4Eclipse Preferences

Copilot4Eclipse preferences consists of the main page and the Network Connection page.

Alt text

1Automatically show Copilot completionsEnable to view code suggestions as you type in Eclipse editors.
2Disable auto activation of Eclipse content assistEnable to prevent the Eclipse code completions dialog from automatically triggering as you type.
3Completion styling: Italic ghost-text fontEnable for italic styled ghost-text
4Completion styling: ghost-text colorCustomize the color of ghost-text
5Managing Language IDsEnable/disable the individual languages that you want active for GitHub completions.

Network and Monitoring Preferences

Alt text

1Strict SSL certificate checking for the GitHub proxy connectionsEnable to require that certificates are checked for:
* The certificate is valid and has not expired
* The certificate is signed by a trusted Certificate Authority
* The certificate correctly identifies the server (e.g., the domain names match)
2Kerberos Proxy Service PrincipalThe SPN of the proxy service that mediates Kerberos authentication request.
3Poll for external GitHub Copilot status changesEnable asynchronous detection of changes to your GitHub Copilot session that may happen outside of Copilot4Eclipse