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Copilot4Eclipse FAQ


What is Copilot4Eclipse?

Copilot4Eclipse is an Eclipse plugin created by Genuitec that integrates GitHub Copilot AI coding features and services seamlessly within the Eclipse IDE.


Copilot4Eclipse users must acquire a GitHub Copilot subscription for its operation.

Does installing Copilot4Eclipse automatically provide me access to GitHub Copilot Features and Services?

No. You will need to acquire a GitHub Copilot subscription (individual, business, or enterprise) from GitHub, Inc. for Copilot4Eclipse to operate on your behalf.

Where do I learn more about GitHub Copilot Subscriptions?

Learn about the type of GitHub Copilot subscriptions, terms and conditions:

About GitHub Copilot Individual subscription

About GitHub Copilot Business subscription


This FAQ is neither a comprehensive nor an authoritative resource for GitHub Copilot Subscriptions. The preceding links are commonly available online resources that may be updated without our knowledge. You are responsible for staying current with any changes that GitHub may apply to the terms and conditions of your GitHub Copilot Subscription.

How do I get help if I have a problem?

Genuitec offers free technical support for Copilot4Eclipse. Please post a description of your issue to the Copilot4Eclipse Online Discussion Forum.


Questions about GitHub Copilot subscriptions, service uptimes and outages, and the internal workings of AI generated code completions are generally outside the scope of support.

Where can I share a feature request or give feedback?

We welcome constructive feedback and new feature ideas. Please post feedback messages to the Copilot4Eclipse Online Discussion Forum.

Is Copilot4Eclipse Free?

Yes, Copilot4Eclipse is free to use within the terms and conditions set forth by the Copilot4Eclipse End User License and the GitHub Copilot Terms of Service for your subscription type.

Is Copilot4Eclipse Open-Source?

Copilot4Eclipse is a free to use Eclipse plugin that is closed source.

Where can I find the Copilot4Eclipse End User License Agreement (EULA)?

You can find the Copilot EULA online here.

What personal data does Copilot4Eclipse collect?

Copilot4Eclipse user data collection passes all user data except user preferences direct to GitHub Copilot where it is managed according to the user’s GitHub Copilot subscription type: individual subscription or business subscription. Copilot4Eclipse does not directly analyze or store any user data beyond user preferences.

User preference data includes:

    Automatically show inline completions: (boolean, default: true)
Strict SSL certificate checking for proxy connections: (boolean: default: true)
Poll for GitHub Copilot status changes: (boolean, default: true)
Completion text color: (RGB string, default:”128,128,128”)
Disabled Copilot Language Identifiers: (String array, default: “abap,bibtex,c,csharp,cpp,clojure,coffee,dart,diff,elixir,erlang,fsharp,fortran,go,groovy,haml,handlebars,haskell,ini,kotlin,lisp,latex,less,lua,makefile,markdown,matlab,php,perl,plaintext,powershell,pug,r,razor,ruby,rust,scala,shaderlab,shellscript,stylus,swift,vb,bat,xsl”)
Does Copilot4Eclipse require a personal API key?

No, Copilot4Eclipse does not require any type of private GitHub Copilot API key. The only type of data that may be of concern is a short-lived unique code presented to the user by Copilot4Eclipse as part of GitHub Copilot’s passwordless authentication process.

Is Copilot4Eclipse endorsed or supported by GitHub in any way?

No, Copilot4Eclipse has been developed independently from GitHub, Inc. and is the sole product of Genuitec, LLC. GitHub, Inc. has no responsibility or liability for or in connection with Copilot4Eclipse.

Features & Operations

Does Copilot4Eclipse provide AI generated code completions?

Yes, Copilot4Eclipse 1.0EA-1 provides inline AI generated code completion text provided by GitHub Copilot.

Copilot4Eclipse recognizes the following language identifiers:

The quality of the GitHub Copilot generated code completions is dependent upon the popularity of the target programming language you are working with. Copilot4Eclipse will not request completions from GitHub Copilot for any Eclipse editor for which its programming language is not recognized.

Does Copilot4Eclipse provide Open-AI ChatGPT features?

Not at this time.

What is the meaning of the text (e.g., 1:3) that sometimes appears to the right of the Copilot4Eclipse status bar menu?

The text that appears to the right of the Copilot4Eclipse image on the Eclipse status bar indicates the following:

  • No text implies that the Copilot is disabled for the current Editor
  • * implies that Copilot is enabled for the current Editor and no completions are available at the moment
  • M:N indicates that Copilot is enabled for the current Editor and that multiple completions are available for consideration. M is the index of the currently displayed completion. N indicates the total number of completions available.
How do I identify when Copilot is active within my Eclipse editor?

There are 2 ways to identify if Copilot is active within your Eclipse editor. The first approach is by using the status bar as described above. The second method is to open the Copilot4 menu and look for an action similar to Disable completions for <language>. The presence of this action indicates that Copilot is active in your editor. The presence of an action similar to Enable completions for <language> indicates that Copilot is currently inactive in the current editor.

How do I identify when multiple code completions are available for a specific editor context?

The number of completions available for consideration are visible from the status bar as described above.

You can cycle through multiple completions using the Copilot menu Next Completion and Previous Completion actions. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcuts Alt+] for next completion and Alt+[ for the previous completion.


How do I change the color in which code completion text is displayed?

Select Preferences from a Copilot4Eclipse menu to open the Copilot4Eclipse Preferences dialog. Use the color picker to select a new color for completion text.