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Copilot4Eclipse Changelog


Release date: 19 Feb. 2024

  • Fixed GhostText scaling to match editor scale changes
  • Renamed commands matching pattern 'Insert *' to 'Accept *'
  • Renamed Copilot4Eclipse language server
  • Updated EULA to version 20240214.0


Release date: 24 Jan. 2024

  • Added Insert to End-of-Line command for Copilot suggestions
  • Enable all Copilot4Eclipse keybindgs to be customized
  • Added more visual state in the form of a dynamic status-bar icon
  • Added italic font style setting for ghost-text
  • Fixed ghost-text font color preference on Mac
  • Introduced Plain-Text as the default Language ID
  • Customizable LanguageIds improvements
  • Improved network proxy support


Release date: 15 Dec. 2023

  • Improved zoomed in/out UI, e.g., Ctl+plus or Ctl+minus
  • Enhanced Preference Dialog includes LanguageId file extensions
  • Customizable LanguageIds
  • Fixes that improve Copilot4Eclipse support for more editors


Release date: 30 Nov, 2023

  • Support zoomed in/out UI, e.g., Ctl+plus or Ctl+minus
  • Improved simultaneous display of Copilot completions and Eclipse content assist dialog
  • Added a user preference for disabling auto-activation of Eclipse content assist when Copilot completions are automatically displayed
  • Support for Java coding templates
  • Updated Copilot EULA, Section 9


Release date: 21 Nov, 2023

  • Generate code and text in real-time from natural language instructions
  • Just-in-time AI code completions as you type within any Eclipse editor
  • Copilot completion text displayed natively inline your editors using ghost-text
  • Customizable user experience
  • Compatible with MyEclipse 2023