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Aaron Lara
I'm a Java developer who drinks coffee and transforms it in code (Awesome, right?!). I have been working at genuitec as a developer since December, 2011. Programming really cool stuff :) ... Ah I'm a gamer, so if you want to play something in steam just let me know :D

As a gamer, I love cool graphics and stunning effects on big games and all that a Master Race PC can offer, but sometimes I just want to have some fun playing simple old school games in my phone or browser. You know what I also love? Programming! I always wanted to be able to make my own games but I thought it was too complicated until I found Phaser—an HTML5 framework to make 2D games for mobiles and browser. I strongly recommend that you check out its page and see for yourself.

Phaser has a HUGE community since it’s open source and devs from all around the world (indies and big game companies) use it and support it. You will find tutorials and examples on their website and all over the internet.

I’m not very proficient on web development, nor JavaScript , but I found it really easy to implement my own game with Phaser and Webclipse by following this tutorial. With just a few lines of code, I had created my first game in minutes! Yeah, I know copying/pasting code is frowned on, but you still learn a lot from it and get stuff done! 🙂

Using Webclipse as my code editor made it EZPZ—thanks to its fast server configuration and JavaScript content assist (not to mention the JavaScript debugger). I can’t wait to turn my own ideas into games and hope you find your own fun with this too!

Enjoy my Flappy Bob game below. How many points can you get?


  • Jump > SPACE | Click | Touch
  • Mute > M key


If you would like to share your experience with Phaser, we would love to hear from you at @thecoderlife. And, if you’re not already subscribing to our blogs, why not do it today? 

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