Deliver Eclipse 4.5 to your Teams

Ready to save some time? From your own Hub, you can share Eclipse Mars preconfigured with your favorite plugins and workspace settings for your team mates!

1. Install your Delivery Hub
Follow the instructions to drop the Hub onto your desktop or shared workstation.

2. Install the Eclipse 4.5.2 software pack
Simply click the Get Packs option to install the pack for easy configuration of Eclipse from your own hub.

3. Configure your Package
From the Eclipse panel of your Hub’s Admin Console, simply configure your Eclipse 4.5.2 preferred package with your favorite add-ons and roll out to your team!

Use MyEclipse Instead!

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Download MyEclipse

Eclipse 4.5.2 Packages

Grab Eclipse off of the Genuitec download servers to quickly start taking advantage of all the benefits of the Eclipse 4.5.2 Mars release!

Download for