MyEclipse: the WebSphere IDE with WebSphere ++

WebSphere ++ is WebSphere development plus all the extras engineers want and need. If WebSphere is a requirement in your Enterprise, supplement your development with MyEclipse, the multi-purpose WebSphere IDE that’s well equipped for WebSphere development. If you’re using IBM RAD, take a look at how MyEclipse, RAD, and WebSphere play nicely together.

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Develop for WebSphere ++

Not only can you build and deploy applications to WebSphere and Liberty Profile servers, but you have access to other technologies such as Spring, Maven, and PhoneGap mobile tools. Get all these WebSphere IDE extras to your teams with a simple and seamless rollout of custom tool stacks.

Easy Testing on a Variety of Application Servers

Dozens of built-in server connectors make it easy to see your apps in action. Deploy to a range of application servers in addition to WebSphere – Glassfish, WebLogic, Tomcat, and more. For super-quick testing from your WebSphere IDE, use the integrated MyEclipse Tomcat and Derby servers out of the box!

Jump-Start with Spring

In your WebSphere IDE, get all the things you need for Spring from built-in libraries to bean development tools, and even Spring scaffolding for jump starting your Spring projects.

Build Projects with Maven without Leaving your IDE

MyEclipse boasts seamless pairing of Maven with MyEclipse projects. Use Maven commands from the menu, or use command-line Maven, your choice.

Be Device Ready with PhoneGap

Build device-ready PhoneGap iOS and Android apps without learning special development languages or tools. Get your mobile applications off the ground with the PhoneGap project and build capabilities in MyEclipse.

Design Apps with JQuery & Ionic

Get going with app UI design using JQuery and Ionic mobile templates. Quickly add JQuery and Ionic mobile widgets using drag and drop in the Web Designer.

Fast and Simple Enterprise Delivery

Installing your WebSphere IDE should be the easiest part of application development, not waiting for all those gigabytes to download before even starting on tool stack configuration. Deliver your streamlined MyEclipse securely to your teams with minimal effort. And, keep team members up to date and in sync with the same tools.

Migrate from RAD

Migrate projects from IBM Rational Application Developer in just a few clicks without losing project integrity. Learn More