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GapDebug Twitter Chat – October 6th Recap

Posted on Oct 7th 2015

Here is the Twitter chat recap in case you missed it!Q1. To kick things off, for those new to #phonegap hybrid app dev, what does @GapDebug bring to the mix?A1 @GapDebug is a free #crossplatform debugger for #cordova #iOS and #Android appls. A1 Recent updates added more app mgmt supt.A1 The current … Read More

Creating Custom Slack Commands with JAX-RS

Posted on Oct 6th 2015

Many teams, including ours, now use Slack for team collaboration. With Slack, you can communicate with other team members in an organized public chat room (called a channel), a private group, or send a direct message. The ability to archive these messages, and then search for specific conversations … Read More

2 Releases, 1 purpose: Improving your coding experience.

Posted on Oct 6th 2015

Webclipse 2015 CI4 & MyEclipse CI15The GoodFirst of all, we would like to thank you for all your support and feedback on our newest product, Webclipse. We have been overwhelmed by the positive comments and tweets about it, so we are working hard everyday to improving it and make your coding expe … Read More

Debugging PHP with Eclipse PDT: A WordPress Example

Posted on Oct 1st 2015

IntroductionIf you code PHP and are tired of fighting logging messages, Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) can end the fight! Using Eclipse PDT to debug PHP isn’t as hard as you might think. Read on to see how a few simple steps can make your coding life so much easier!BackgroundOur portal uses Wor … Read More

Spring Framework: @RestController vs @Controller

Posted on Sep 28th 2015

Spring MVC Framework and RESTSpring’s annotation based MVC framework simplifies the process of creating RESTful web services. The key difference between a traditional Spring MVC controller and the RESTful web service controller is the way the HTTP response body is created. While the traditional MVC … Read More

Delivering Zend Studio

Posted on Sep 24th 2015

Zend Studio is a popular integration of Eclipse for PHP development. Although it has some specific Eclipse requirements, you can deliver it with Secure Delivery Center. In the following example, we use an Eclipse 4.4.2 Standard package and then mark it as RCP. Let’s get started!Deliver Zend Studio i … Read More

SDC Twitter Chat – Sep 22nd Recap

Posted on Sep 23rd 2015

Here is the Twitter chat recap in case you missed it!Q1.Does SDC can deliver #Eclipse based third party IDE? A1. Yes with SDC you can deliver to your developers software like #springio’s STS or #ZendStudio.Q2. Could you provide any link and or documentation that Illustrates this? A2.Sure we actually … Read More

Introduction to MQTT Protocol

Posted on Sep 22nd 2015

IntroductionThe Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast growing market. The general idea behind IoT it is to connect everything (clothes, devices, houses, public transport, medical devices, etc.) into a set of networks to raise precision, productivity or even define a completely new user experience. This … Read More

Eclipse Night London Rocked!

Posted on Sep 21st 2015

We had an amazing time at Eclipse Night London. Questions were asked and most importantly questions were fully answered. We had amazing beer (all beer is amazing if you ask me) and enjoyed a great dinner. But most of all, we got to grow as a community of developers. Over 35 eclipse users gathered to … Read More

Gapdebug +iOS 9!

Posted on Sep 15th 2015

Hello Developers!We are releasing a new update on GapDebug including iOS9 Support!. (Like if GapDebug wasn’t cool already…) We recommend to GRAB this update if you plan to debug Cordova apps and web pages for the latest iOS and Android releases. Here’s what’s been updated:iOS 9 Support i … Read More

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