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GapDebug 2.0: Like 1.0 but two times better!

Posted on Jul 23rd 2015

This month has definitely been our month for awesome releases and the upcoming introductions of new products joining the Genuitec family, so of course GapDebug was not going to be left out. Our GapDebug 2.0 is now out the door! With this release we include new features and several bug fixes that wil … Read More

Ladies and Gentlemen SDC 2015 SR2 is here

Posted on Jul 7th 2015

Last week we cheerfully joined the release of Eclipse 4.5. Eclipse Mars was without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases by many, us included. Well, we are happy to announce SDC has now come on board. We realize how important this release can be for a programmer, and we understand being a ne … Read More

Genuitec at EclipseCon France!

Posted on Jul 2nd 2015

Hello Everyone!We have just had the opportunity to attend the 2015  EclipseCon in Toulouse, France.In case you are not familiar with this conference, here is a quick summary…  “An EclipseCon is the perfect event to connect with other developers, learn about new projects and technologies, … Read More

SDC Twitter Chat Recap – June 30th

Posted on Jun 30th 2015

Hello everyone! Here is the recap of our #GenuitecChat about GapDebug in case you couldn’t join us.Good morning and evening! Welcome to today’s #genuitecchat on @Genuitec_SDCToday we have joining us @anabellawats0n our technology advocate in the representation of the @Genuitec_SDC team. … Read More

Genuitec Twitter Chat time and SDC knows it!

Posted on Jun 29th 2015

Hi everybody!Secure Delivery Center managers are excited to meet with you on our upcoming Twitter chat. Please send questions early, or stay tuned at #GenuitecChat to follow along with us live!On our last Genuitec Twitter Chat we had interesting questions and this time we’ll have exciting news … Read More

Eclipse 4.5-We have made it to MARS, now what?

Posted on Jun 24th 2015

The day is here. This June 24th. 2015 marks an important part of the history of Eclipse and of course we wanted to be part of it. Many of you have been waiting for this release and we can’t blame you, after all Eclipse Mars comes with awesome features that you probably wouldn’t want to miss.Eclipse … Read More

GapDebug Twitter Chat Recap – June 16th

Posted on Jun 16th 2015

Hello everyone! Here is the recap of our #GenuitecChat about GapDebug in case you couldn’t join us.Good morning and afternoon! Welcome today’s twitter chat on @GapDebug As always, follow along with #genuitecchat and send in your Qs. Joining us from the @GapDebug team, we have @wayne_parr … Read More

Coding is for everyone! and Genuitec gets it!

Posted on Jun 9th 2015

Recently the coding life and world of developers has increased tremendously due to the global internet and the advanced technology that surrounds us. So many ideas, and so few developers… why?  Maybe they don’t know how to code, or don’t have the tools or time to do it.There are thousand … Read More

MyEclipse Genuitec Chat – Recap June 2nd

Posted on Jun 2nd 2015

Hello everyone! Here is the recap of our #GenuitecChat about MyEclipse in case you couldn’t join us.Today we are focusing on @MyEclipseIDE and have joining us @brianfernandes and @srivatsan_ss – two pillars of the dev team Q1. 2015 Stable 2.0 and CI 13 were both released recently, what’s … Read More

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