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Nataliya Muriy
Marketing Content Creator - you name it, she'll write it!

So you have come over to the dark side and now you are ready to make your development environment look even cooler. No matter if you are working with Angular, MyEclipse, Webclipse or Eclipse itself, you can create your own icons to fit your taste. Not only that, you can share your wealth with the community.

To learn how to do this, check out this page which provides every single detail. But, if you are in a real hurry to get rolling, either follow these few simple steps or watch the video below.

To edit any icon on the IDE:

  1. With the Icon Designer View open, hover over the icon and do CTRL+SHIFT on it.*
  2. Double click from the Icon Designer View to open the editor for the icon.
  3. Search for the appropriate image (a marker in this case, as shown on the video).
  4. You can change the color, size, alignment, padding, and even overlay another icon.
  5. Save the file. The old icon is automatically replaced.

*NOTE: some icons, like those in trees, are not supported for this action yet. In that case, you need to manually look or filter for them in the Icons Designer table.

As you can see, the new icon is similar to the original one but is way cooler.

To share your new “baby” with others in the community:

  1. Click on the Synchronize button to submit your icon for moderation.
  2. If approved by Genuitec, your icon will automatically be integrated into the Darkest Dark theme.

Ready! Now everyone using the Darkest Dark theme can enjoy your creation.

Gone are the days of being forced to work with boring low-resolution overly complex icons. Now you are the emperor of your development universe — you decide what your realm will look like!

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Posted on Jun 5th 2017