Team Extensions by WebPad

Team Extensions for Brackets is the first in a suite of WebPad extensions. You need your team of web developers and designers to keep their Brackets setup in sync with specific extensions used for a project. Team Extensions makes it easy to communicate and install required team project extensions. Ready, set, code!

Ready to get in sync with Team Extensions for Brackets?

Team Extensions on GitHub

Check out Team Extensions by WebPad here. Follow directions below for installing using the Brackets Extension Manager.

Team Extensions on GitHub

Specify Project Extensions

A toggle lets you indicate which Brackets extensions your team should be using.
WebPad Team Extensions for Brackets - track project extensions

Install Project Extensions

Team members check for and install missing extensions.
WebPad Team Extensions for Brackets - install project extensions

1. Install Team Extensions by WebPad

  1. Select File>Extension Manager.
  2. Click the Available tab, and search for Team Extensions.
  3. Click Install beside Team Extensions by WebPad.

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Webpad Team Extensions for Brackets - configuration

2. Set Up Team Members

For your team to receive notification of required extensions for a project, link up each member’s system via a Team Extensions file added to your version control system (VCS).

  1. Have all team members install Team Extensions by WebPad.
  2. Add the generated .team.extensions file to your version control system. The file is located in the root of your project.
Team Extensions manages Brackets extensions on a per project basis. Be sure to add the .team.extensions file to your VCS each time you begin a new project.

3. Set Required Extensions for Your Project

  1. Using the Extension Manager, install the extensions needed for your team project.
  2. Click the Team tab, and click the manage link. 
  3. Beside each extension you want your teams to install, change the toggle button to Track for Team.
  4. Click Close.

Note: You can get quick access for managing your team extensions by selecting Team>Manage Extensions from the main menu.
WebPad Team Extensions for Brackets - track project extensions
WebPad Team Extensions for Brackets - install project extensions

4. Install Required Extensions

When an extension is added by a team member as a tracked extension, all team members receive a status bar notification that a new extension is required.

  1. Select File>Extension Manager, and click the Team tab.
  2. Click Install All, or click Install beside an individual extension.
  3. Click Close.
When a team project extension is installed, the Install button changes to Installed. Therefore, all team project extensions continue to appear on the Team tab.