CodeMix 3 now available! Check out the CodeMix Journey.

Webclipse is Now CodeMix!

Webclipse has been rebranded as CodeMix.  The next gen architecture in CodeMix allows you to be a part of the modern-web movement while remaining in the Eclipse IDE you are familiar with. You still get the Webclipse features you love, just more good stuff!

  • Fast—Optimizes Eclipse for significant speed improvements
  • Smart—Built on VS Code for superior IntelliSense with extensions available for a richer experience
  • Flexible—Support for frameworks like Vue, React & Angular, and languages like PHP, Python & TypeScript
  • Easy—Improved user experience, interactive eLearning tutorials & Live Chat get you going in a flash

CodeMix is free to try, and if you’ve already purchased a Webclipse license, it works in CodeMix. Get CodeMix—the next generation of Webclipse!

Webclipse and, more recently CodeMix, has been invaluable for me. It allows me to concentrate on the task without the impedance of changing development tools just to support different technologies. From excellent Angular support to HTML live previews, it’s a one-stop-shop solution for every web development need at every layer of the stack.

Renato Perini

Software Developer, Objectway Financial Software SpA

CodeMix Licensing

If you have a current Webclipse personal or commercial license, there’s no need to wait to upgrade to CodeMix. You’re existing license will work—even with all that extra goodness you get in CodeMix. We’ve also added the option for a 30-day license and made changes to our free license.

Annual Personal License

New CodeMix personal licenses are automatically managed via genuitec.com. If you have an existing Webclipse license, your license is automatically migrated to a commercial license to recognize your license key, without any interruption to your workflow.

Annual Commercial License

CodeMix commercial licenses use a license key. If you have an existing Webclipse license, CodeMix uses your Webclipse license automatically.

30-Day Personal License

Don’t need an annual license? No problem! You now have the option to purchase a 30-day license for just $5.

Free Usage

The limited free license in Webclipse has been replaced with an unlimited 45-day trial license in CodeMix—you can really dive into your coding to make sure CodeMix is right for you!

Visit the FAQ page to get answers to questions you might have.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Download CodeMix

It’s simple to download CodeMix from either the Eclipse Marketplace or the Genuitec update site.

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