Secure Delivery Center

From $100/year
  • With SDC, team leads can simply configure their team’s IDEs with favorite settings, plugins and source repositories. Let your teams focus on coding, not wasted time playing with tool stacks.

    Genuitec products - Secure Delivery Center for team IDE delivery

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  • With GapDebug, take the complexity out of developing PhoneGap mobile applications. Simple debugging and app install/update make hybrid mobile development seamless.

    Genuitec products - GapDebug, the free mobile app debugger

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From $0/extension
  • We are a fan of Brackets for front-end web development. WebPad is starting with Brackets extensions that make web development easier. But, stay tuned for more to come from WebPad!

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After reviewing a couple of low priority requests on potential SDC improvements with your team, I observed: The absence of any high priority issues speaks of how well SDC is working for us and that is a significant departure from the previous deployment methods we have used over the years. Ryan Brooks