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At Genuitec we firmly believe that hybrid app development is the future of mobile. It is already the preferred enterprise approach to creating apps, and with adoption of extremely popular tools like PhoneGap it makes the decision to build hybrid apps a no brainer for enterprises.

With Genuitec hybrid mobile tools, enterprise developers experience an easy starting point to app creation and management. From the actual coding, to building, and debugging – Genuitec has all the tools an enterprise needs to get started on a market winning platform.


GapDebug is a free, comprehensive mobile debugging tool that bridges the gap left by other debugging options. Debug any hybrid mobile app, such as PhoneGap and Cordova, right from your iOS or Android device.

What you get:

  • Plug-and-go debugging - no need to build debug support into your app
  • Debugging on both Windows and Mac platforms
  • AutoReconnect to pick up your debugging session where you left off
  • App install & update simply by drag-and-drop


Hybrid mobile app technology is the wave of the future. Catch the wave with MyEclipse Mobile Tools, a complete code-to-build solution for developing hybrid PhoneGap iOS and Android mobile apps. Using MyEclipse, there is no need for special coding languages or tools, so incorporating mobile development into your enterprise is a seamless endeavor.

What you get:

  • Mobile projects based on PhoneGap hybrid technology
  • Quick-start mobile project wizard
  • JQuery mobile templates and widgets
  • HTML5 support and drag-and-drop elements
  • PhoneGap remote and local build services

MobiOne Studio was Genuitec’s entry into the ever-changing world of mobile development. It made it easy for non-developers to create simple mobile applications. But, for real-world enterprise mobile, more is needed than can be provided by MobiOne Studio. The good news is that MobiOne opened the door to hybrid app and build capabilities on both Windows and Mac. With MyEclipse Mobile Tools, you can integrate these ground-breaking capabilities with the backend Java EE required for enterprise-ready mobile apps.

MobiOne is officially End of Life at the end of 2014, though if you still need access to MobiOne and already have purchased a perpetual license, you can still Contact Us to get access to a download. Learn more about MobiOne's EOL.

Beware of Software Scam:We are Genuitec, LLC,not Genuitec,Inc.Someone using name & old logo to run a number of scams

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Beware of Software Scams

Even though imitation might be the best form of flattery, we are Genuitec, LLC, not Genuitec, Inc. Someone is using our name and old logo to run a number of scams, including real estate transactions and software sales, with the clear intent to hide...