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  • Our talk from EclipseCon North America 2014 is now live!

    Genuitec spoke to a full house on pimping Raspberry Pi with Eclipse. We're now pleased to share the recording of this highly attended session giving you a peek into utilizing Genuitec's open source PiPlug.

    Watch the Talk

  • Product Families 

    Genuitec, MyEclipse, Award-winning IDE with Mobile capabilities. Java, Java EE, iOS, Android, Eclipse, HTML5, WebSphere, Tomcat, WebLogic, Jetty

    Your Enterprise-class IDE
    MyEclipse is a robust suite of tools for Java EE, Web, and Mobile development. Comprehensive support for WebSphere, Spring, and dozens of other technologies thoroughly equip your enterprise for all types of cloud­-application development ­- an incredible value, for all popular stacks.

    Genuitec, SDC, Software Delivery, License Managment, Private Cloud. Application lifecycle management, ALM.

    Simple and Robust Software Delivery The standard for managing Eclipse tools and applications. Take advantage of Genuitec’s public cloud, or for more control, manage your Eclipse tooling behind your corporate firewall. Easy one­-click lock down alleviates dependency issues, security concerns and tool incompatibility woes for good.

    Genuitec, Add Mobilility to Applications, HTML5, Phonegap, Java, iOS, Android, cloud.

    Mobilize First or Last
    Realize your cloud-­first mobile strategy by putting the power of HTML5 and JQuery to work. Simplify the mobile lifecycle with continuous delivery of cross-­platform applications from new or existing applications. Build device­-ready native apps, and even deliver via your own enterprise app store.

    Latest Blog Posts and Tweets 


    Tax Day Refund of $63 for the MyEclipse Shop!

    April 15th, 2014

    If Tax Day has you in a funk, Genuitec has a special deal just for you! From now until midnight you can take advantage of a refund of $63.55 in your MyEclipse shopping cart. This refu...


    SDC 2013 SR4 Now Available, Simply Get Software Packs

    April 7th, 2014

    Service Release 4 for Secure Delivery Center (SDC) 2013 is now available with outstanding support to easily get software packs for your development needs. Grab the latest version of SDC by clicking the button below.

    Genuitec Announces New Corporate Focus: Developer Nutrition

    April 1st, 2014

    Happy Tuesday, Developers! We hope you are having a great start, or ending, to your Tuesday! We are kicking off a truly terrific one as we are fresh out of a company-wide meeting where our executive team has shared a new vision and focus for Gen...

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