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eWEEK: “Apple’s Developer U-Turn Signals Android Pressure”
...we understand Apple’s need to ensure security, we applaud the removal of their programming restrictions. Even though Genuitec’s MobiOne product was not affected by the prior policy, enabling ISVs to build a wide variety of tools to support iOS, while providing developers freedom of technology choice, will only serve to expand the popularity of iOS as an application platform...

eWEEK: Genuitec Taps Mobile Web for Easy iPhone, BlackBerry, Android App Development

...picking the 'winning' device is risky and requires a lot of expense in both hard dollars and training time for developers on the chosen platform. It also involves the selection and process of dealing with various 'App Stores' and the siloed model that comes with them...


iClarified: “The new MobiOne Visual Designer promises to get your app looking great without needing any skills other than your imagination.” “Genuitec’s O’Keefe says that in talking to its enterprise customers—of which the company has 16,000 of them—Genuitec has learned enterprise developers want to replicate their Web sites as much as possible but offer as rich and secure mobile application experience.” “MobiOne uses the WebKit browser engine that drives Safari, Chrome and other browsers. Developers can build Web apps with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript that are optimized not only for the iPhone but also other smartphones and netbooks without a lot of work.”

Digital Fuel: “It let’s you look at your web site the same way folks with a mobile phone do.  This is HUGE for you. You need to know how your site looks.” “If you have ever wanted to sketch out an iPhone application to see what it looks like or send to a client, then I have good news. A company named Genuitec has released a Windows app that does exactly that. Basically, its a WYSIWYG editor that allows anyone to drag/drop an sketch of the application they want to build. After you finish building it then you can host it on a server to try on your actual phone.”

Reviews “MobiOne is one of the best iPhone emulator. You can use it in development environment without the iPhone SDK. iPhone application development for Windows is also available.” “MobiOne includes development tools in addition to the emulators. There's a Visual Designer for creating iPhone web apps. It features drag-n-drop controls, smart alignment, and image exporting. MobiOne also supports PhoneGap, an open source and cross-platform mobile development tool. This gives you support for GPS, Accelerometer, Vibrate, Orientation, Alerts, Sound, Database, and DeviceInfo.”

MissGadget: “MobiOne Studio is a development tool for mobile web applications easily.This tool allows sketching, designing and debugging applications for iPhone and Palm Pre.” “Looks great for mocking up and testing the app UIs on a PC and claims integration with PhoneGap (more on PhoneGap in a later post).”


@iPhoneRSS RT @designdisorder: Wanna to test iPhone web apps on Windows? Check out mobione by
@css3watcher Built new #mobione visual designer's iphone template system w/ HTML5/CSS3 & WebKit4SWT - powerful techology combo htt…
@designdisorder Wanna to test iPhone web apps on Windows? Check out mobione by #jqtouch phonegap
@dave204 @loris_sl Laura- I think you could have great fun with this drag-and-drop iPhone app developer. Very user-friendly!!
@iPhoneDevNews RT @dave204 This may prove useful for simple iPhone app development on XP/Windows 7...
@dave204 This may prove useful for simple iPhone app development on XP/Windows 7: Mobi One on AND
@zvikico @toddewilliams The MobiOne demo is very impressive. The offline mode works surprisingly well. Need to see it to believe it. Kudos!
@ykonos RT @3Goofy: Gotta love MobiOne iPhone emulator!
@3Goofy Gotta love MobiOne iPhone emulator!
shauntrennery MobiOne MS3 sneak peek. This free tool is a must for any mobile web application developer. Now has PhoneGap support.
merfis0 #MobiOne looks quite nice as an iPhone emulator...
@bishoph Tested some web frameworks with MobiOne, Firefox and native mobiles. In terms of compatibility and stability iWebKit is my favorite so far
@chadpredovich @muncman MobiOne from Genuitec, NICE, I can see the look and feel and see the JavaScript in action from jQTouch without MAC
@sw1storm MobiOne Throws Another Pre Development Option into the Mix
@bdufresne Downloading MobiOne, an iPhone and Palm Pre emulator for Windows.
@baryla tweeting from MobiOne emulating an iUI app on a Palm Pre
@prehacks #palmpre #hacks mobione: phonegap Tools for iphone 3....
@shegeek Genuitec’s New MobiOne Enables Enterprise Devs to Create Web Apps for the iPhone
@precentral MobiOne Throws Another Pre Development Option into the Mix: We think the Mojo SDK, documentation, and emulator d..
@gadgetjournal MobiOne Palm Pre Emulator from Genuitec: Since Palm released the Mojo SDK, they put a big smile on many faces. ..
@lickasha Just installed #MobiOne the best iPhone emulator and Palm Pre emulator on the market today. Time to give it a spin.
@tmenguy is phonegapp still banned from AppStore @iphonedev07: mobione: phonegap Tools for iphone 3.0
kiarahurst MobiOne looking like an awesome tool for developing #html5 apps for iPhone
@filjedi Haven't tried this yet, but may be useful for some iPhone & Palm Pre developers on Windows: MobiOne #phmodev
@lickasha If you guys are developing mobile sites for iphone or the palm pre on a PC and need an emulator than #MobiOne is for you.
@iHaveaPC testing out MobiOne. Its pretty awesome.