MobiOne FAQs


What are the main features of MobiOne?

The driving force behind MobiOne Studio is make it possible for any person with a vision for a mobile app or website to be able to realize it quickly and with minimual technical skills required. To make this possible MobiOne provides 3 main application development components:

  • Design Center workbench - includes a Visual Designer for true WYSIWYG design experience of iPhone, iPad, and Android device user interfaces

  • Mobile Web Simulator - includes an iOS and Android mobile web and hybrid application emulator and Chrome Developer Tools for debugging

  • App Center - cloud services for building native iOS and Android apps, hosting mobile web apps and sending user notifications

See MobiOne Studio features details at

What mobile platforms does MobiOne support?

MobiOne currently supports creation of apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

Can I build mobile web apps and native apps with MobiOne?

Yes, MobiOne apps are built on HTML5 open standards. You can create both mobile web apps and hybrid native apps using MobiOne. The hybrid native application architecture is based on the popular open source Cordova/Phonegap SDK.
See this short video demonstrating building and running a native application in 7 minutes.

Where can I find info about new features?

Simple. Visit our new features highlights.


How much Does MobiOne Studio cost?

MobiOne is offered at $99.95 for a single-user, perpetual license. Volume discounts are available for bulk license purchases by contacting sales.

As smartphones mature and operating systems and devices advance, MobiOne will naturally be releasing feature/update packs to accomodate enhancements. Updates will be available for a low fee.

Is there a free trial I can use?

Certainly. MobiOne free trial editions will expire after 15 days.
Trial limitations: Free trials -- which are fully functional -- may include graphical watermarking or code inclusions to prevent abuse of the trial. These additions will be disabled upon purchase of the product and the input of a valid license key.

What are the payment options?

Genuitec accepts payment online via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal. Corporations can also utilize a purchase order (PO) if desired. Please direct further questions to the sales department.

How about discounts?

MobiOne offers volume discounts to corporations that are purchasing multiple licenses. Please contact sales for more information on discount levels and volume required.

What if I need support?

Genuitec provides free online support for your MobiOne trial period or with your MobiOne purchase. We strive to provide follow up to your issue within 1 business day. Many times your wait is only a few hours.

What sort of license does mobione have?

MobiOne is offered under a commercial license. See the EULA for more details.

How do I activate my MobiOne license code?

Select Help>Software Activation from the menu. See MobiOne Studio License Activation for complete instructions.

How do I find a lost software key?

Click here to visit customer service to retrieve a lost license key.

Can I print a hard-copy receipt?

Certainly. Visit customer service to print off a receipt for your purchase.


What are the system requirements for running MobiOne studio?

MobiOne operates on 32 bit and 64 bit versions Windows 7, Vista and XP. It's recommended you have at least 350mb of disk space available and a minimum of 1GB of memory to run MobiOne. More is better, of course.

Can I install MobiOne on multiple machines?

You may install MobiOne on more than one machines using the same license code with the following restrictions: 1) You may not use these instances concurrently and 2) you many not transfer or share your license with other users. The MobiOne license system will interpret multiple MobiOne instances using the same license code as a violation of use terms. In such cases, MobiOne will warn you of the violation and will shutdown operation until concurrent usage ceases. If you need to run MobiOne simultaneously across multiple machines, then you will need to obtain additional licenses.


How do I edit the code generated by MobiOne?

You have 2 options. You can use your own web editor or use the integrated source editor included with Design Center. To use the Design Center editor, generate files by running in the Mobile Web Simulator or by using the Generate Application Files option on the Project menu. MobiOne generates the corresponding HTML5, CSS and JavaScript files to run your app. Use the File Explorer view to navigate to your generated files found in a folder with the same name as your project, appended with -www. Double-click a file to open in the corresponding source editor where you can make changes or additions to code.

Note: If you make changes to the HTML or CSS files, you cannot make more changes to your app through Design Center without your manual changes being overwritten. For JavaScript coding, MobiOne generates a custom file in which you can add custom scripting that will not be overwritten. This file is named the same as your design file, appended with "_custom."

What is the file size limit of my app for testing through AppCenter?

We continually increase the max size of webapps and apps that can be uploaded and hosted by MobiOne's App Center cloud services. Presently the total size of your app files cannot exceed 50MB. To reduce the total size of your files, reduce the file sizes of images, if possible. Another suggestion for reducing the file size is to deselect files in the Upload as Mobile Web Application wizard, or the Build Application wizards that are unnecessary so they are not included in the package uploaded to the App Center.

Are there limits to the number of apps I can create?

There is no limit to the number of apps you can create with MobiOne Studio. Using Design Center, MobiOne enables you to design, test and build as many apps as you choose. Once you purchase a MobiOne license, apps you create with MobiOne belong exclusively to you.

How do I deploy my app as a mobile web app on my web server?

First, generate your design files by selecting Project>Generate Application Files from the Design Center menu or by clicking the Run in Mobile Simulator icon on the toolbar. This generates the corresponding HTML5, CSS and JavaScript files to run your app. This creates files in a folder with the same name as your design file, appended with "_www". This folder is found in the same location as your design (.mobi) file. For example, generating files creates the folder MyCoHome_www in the same folder as Use these files to deploy to your server.

Next, upload the exported files to your server using an FTP or SCP tool. Finally, if you need your app to run in offline mode, i.e. AppCache enabled, then your web server must return the manifest file created by MobiOne with the mime-type text/cache-manifest. There are many searchable resources that describe how to configure your server, e.g.,

How do I host my MobiOne iOS application in the Apple App Store?

Apple imposes certain requirements and restrictions on App Store submissions. The first requirement is that your application must be a native iOS application. Use the Build iOS Application wizard in MobiOne to create a native iOS application (.ipa file). See Building an iOS Application and iOS Application Provisioning Requirements for more information.

How do I install a native iOS application on the Mobile Web Simulator emulator?

The iOS emulator in the Mobile Web Simulator is limited to running general HTML5 mobile and optimized mobile safari web apps and hybrid Cordova/Phonegap iOS apps running in web app format, i.e., running the phonegap web bundle, not a compiled ipa version.