MobiOne Studio 2.6.3 Release Notes

MobiOne 2.6.3 is a hot-fix update to address a format change in iOS provision profiles that causes the iOS app build wizard to no longer properly recognize these files..

Improvements and Bug Fixes

MobiOne 2.6.3 changes are shown in BOLD
24889 Code Gen Hide iOS 7 mobile safari addressbar for webapps
Code Gen
OnClick Dial Phone & Send SMS actions fixed
25488 Update
Intermittent error on Check for Updates action
25548 Widget SelectListItems retain value when cancelled on Android 4.4
25540 Simulator Address bar width too narrow, extend full width of window
25558 Design Center App Center wizards reference deprecated Test Center
25572 Design Center List header widget's font properties not saved/restored
25574 PhoneUI Transition with keyboard visible breaks layout
25674 Widgets Map widget updates incorrectly after keyboard shown
25773 PhoneUI Webapp Save-to-Homescreen prompt obsolete for iphone/iOS7
25774 PhoneUI Map widget rendering issue resolved
Build Wizard
iOS app build wizard updated to recognize new provision profile
Build Wizard
iOS app build wizard updated for new appId format

1. Highlights

MobiOne Studio 2.6 is a minor update. Key changes include removal of the Test Center and a change in the project directory structure created by the Design Center code generator. See the list of changes below.

Important Notes

Following are the key improvements available in MobiOne 2.6. See the Highlights Showcase for more details and screenshots of these features.

See Section 3.3 below for more details about App Center.

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2. Downloading and Installing

2.1 Desktop System Requirements

Operating Systems - Windows Only
Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Windows Vista (32 bit)
Windows XP (32 bit)

Minimum Hardware
Pentium 500 MHz or greater
1 GB RAM or greater
300 MB hard disk free space
Display resolution: 1280x960 or greater recommended

2.2 Mobile Device Platforms

Apple Devices and iOS versions
iPhone 4 & 5, iPad 1-3
iOS 5-7 (native & web apps)

Android OS 2.2 - 4.X

2.3 Installation

Genuitec provides a Windows installer based on Genuitec’s OneInstall technology.

Recommend uninstalling former versions of MobiOne 
While the MobiOne installer is capable of upgrading existing MobiOne installations, we recommend that you uninstall any former version before running the MobiOne installer.

3. Special Notes and Changes

3.0.1 Documentation

For the latest MobiOne user documentation and FAQ, visit our online documentation at

3.1 Design Center

3.1.1 Designing for Landscape Orientation and Better Layout on Other Devices

When laying out a user interface that must render well on multiple devices or in both landscape and portrait orientations, we recommend you place all widgets that must adjust their size or location to the form factor into a panel widget. Use the Auto-Resize layout properties to configure how each widget will be positioned and sized for the current display. Also you might need to enable the containing panel's vertical scrollbar so no content is clipped when the user interface is rendered on a display shorter than the form size for which the user interface was originally created.

Note: List, Rounded List, and SelectLists do not support vertical auto-resize properties

Note: You can not enable fixed left and right margins when a component's width is fixed. A similar restriction applies to fixed top and bottom margins for components with fixed height. This applies to toggle and checkbox components.

3.1.2 In-line Text Editing Renders at 100% Scale

The in-line text editing mode renders text at 100% scale regardless of the Visual Designer’s current scale. This may result in text appearing slightly misaligned at times during editing.

3.1.3 Round-trip Design to Code - Not Supported Yet

MobiOne does not keep designs and their corresponding HTML synchronized. Therefore, if you export a design as HTML and then edit the HTML layout files and repeat this process, the former HTML files can be overwritten. To support customization of generated code, MobiOne generates a customizable JavaScript file named after the source design file. You can modify this file without concern that future code-generation will overwrite it.

Example: For the design file, the file Foo_custom.js is generated once and never regenerated.

We are working to increasingly improve your ability to customize MobiOne generated HTML and CSS layout code in a manner that future design exports will not overwrite.

3.1.4 Undo/Redo Issues

The Undo and Redo edit commands do not function correctly in all scenarios. Redo is a little sketchy, and in some contexts is inoperable.

3.1.5 Design Components Must Have Unique IDs

For HTML generation to function correctly, each component in a design must have a unique ID. During the export process, ID conflicts are automatically resolved to enable the resulting application to render properly in the Test Center and on iOS devices. The ID conflict resolution process prepends a simple prefix to all IDs.

3.1.6 Media Icon Redistribution

The Media palette includes almost 60 icons for use within your design. When a design containing any of the preinstalled media is exported as HTML, its images are included in the generated source code. You are free to redistribute these icons as part of the original design, as a design template or as a derivative of that design. The icons are not provided for general reuse and redistribution outside of the MobiOne design and development process.

3.1.7 Platform Specific UI Themes - iOS Only

At this time, only iOS themed widgets are provided. We plan to provide additional themes in a future release.

3.1.8 Designing for Android Screen Sizes and Densities

There is a wide range of devices that Android operates upon. The 2.0 version does not provide screen density settings. We plan to provide screen density settings for a future release.

3.1.9 Screen Transition Strategy to Deal with Quirks on Different Android Versions and Devices

Quirky animated screen transitions is a well-known issue across the 4 major versions of Android. Due to extremely poor performance on Android version 1 and 3, only the Fade transition performs respectably. Thus, all screen transitions are implemented as a Fade transition on Android 1 and 3. Additionally, due to a WebKit bug, the Flip Left and Flip Right transitions are mapped to the Fade transition on Android versions 2 and 4.

3.1.10 Jumpy Virtual Keyboard on Input-Field, Password and TextArea Widgets

On some devices the screen jumps up and down when typing text into Input Field, Password or TextArea widgets that are positioned near the bottom of a screen.

3.1.11 HTML widget custom code must be valid

When using an HTML widget, the custom HTML code you provide to the widget must be valid HTML and all element IDs must be unique across the entire application user interface. The HTML widget does no validate the custom HTML code. Code validation is planned for a future version.

3.1.12 Code generator creates a new project directory structure

The initial screen that an app presents when it is launched is known as the "startup screen". In a MobiOne project there can be only 1 startup screen and it is identified by enabling the "Startup screen" property on the screen. Starting with the startup screen and following all GotoScreen actions to find linked screens, the code generator will create the application code for the project. The project code structure has been revised for this layout <projectdir>/www/<startupscreen>/. Note that the code generator no longer creates code locally in the project directory for non-startup screens.

Prior to MobiOne 2.6 the code generator created all code in the <startupscreen>/ subdirectory directly at the same level as the <startupscreen>.mobi file. For projects created prior to MobiOne 2.6 the code generator will continue to support the former directory layout.

3.2 Mobile Web Simulator (Simulator)

The Simulator is based on the open-source Apache Ripple project and has been enhanced dramatically to support auto-reload, improve Cordova api initialization and api emulation and fix key bugs.

3.2.1 Cordova API Emulation

The media capture api emulation is not supported.

3.3 MobiOne App Center

3.3.1 MobiOne App Center

MobiOne App Center provides a quick and easy way to build, install and share native iOS applications and optimized mobile web applications.

3.3.2 Security

App Center hosted apps and webapps are accessed using obscure semi-private URLs, e.g.,, provided by App Center. While such URLs are publicly accessible, the are difficult to guess. Additionally, iOS apps may be installed only on devices defined in the provision profile you provided during build configuration.

3.3.3 No iTunes App Store Submission

App Center does not provide automated services to assist with App Store submission of your iOS applications. We currently recommend use of services such as, a low cost provider of App Store submission services.

3.3.4 Hosting and Data Transfer Limits

The maximum total upload size of a project to App Center for either native application build or mobile webapp publishing has been expanded to 50Mb.

3.3.5 Android Builder can not support Files containing non-Ascii & Special Chars

The Android App Builder Wizard can not process .mobi and image file names that contain of non-ascii characters or these +:/\#$&% special characters.

4. Known Issues

Design Center Issues

13227 Tab key not supported for component navigation
Problems with tooltips on multi-monitor configuration
14349 EFS logs an Exception on start - no effect on MobiOne
15083 Designer becomes very slow when moving several components
14305 HTML for Image buttons & tab bar buttons does not provide select feedback
Making small button causes its title to shrink while exported
17925 Faceplate image in very large or small "Fit window" scale could use improvement
18100 When scale != 100% selected component outline is rendered misaligned on bottom and right
18156 In some cases, scrolled panel does not clip content that extends outside of its viewport, e.g., long text
Undo not available for alignment operations
Rounded corner panel does not clip scrolling image background (see #17052)
Text formatting does not match iPhone rendering in some cases due to diff between Windows font metrics and iOS font metrics
Jumpy editing of InputField, Password & TextArea positioned near bottom of screen
[Android 4.4] Video widget does not play correctly


General/App Center/Update Issues

N/A MobiOne can not install into path with non-ascii chars
N/A Multiple user installation not supported. Can install to privileged directory, e.g., c:\Program Files (x86) but no program menu short-cut created
N/A NTLM proxy not supported
N/A Update MobiOne proxy settings requires restart
20872 Android App Builder does not support files with non-ascii names
21810 Video player poster image scales to fill video player at runtime. Image may be distorted.
Investigating possible out of memory error with the map widget

Mobile Web Simulator Issues

False positive for Cordova support when running std web application
Cordova media capture api emulation not available
Dial action simulation not supported - fails silently
SMS action simulation not supported - fails silently

5. Contact Us

We welcome your feedback. Please share with us your opinions on what we are doing right and areas for improvement on the MobiOne Feedback forum.