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rapidly test your applications

Once your app is designed, it can be hard to test how it will behave on an Android device, iPhone or iPad. MobiOne has you covered with the integrated MobiOne Test Center. With one click, you can begin to test the application on the device emulator.

From the test center, you can explore the code generated by your design (if you care to get into it), troubleshoot, look at resources and more. Most of all, you'll be able to click around and really put your app through its paces to be sure it behaves exactly the way you want it to.

what code is generated? is it a native app?

images We believe in the coming dominance of the mobile Web and the ability to accomplish almost everything you need using only Web-based technologies. To that end, MobiOne utilizes the latest advances in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 to generate your applications and make them compatible with many of the market's popular devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, Nexus Galaxy, Kindle Fire or other devices.

Build and send your apps to the Apple App Store or Android Marketplace!