Creating Custom PhoneGap Mobile Project Templates in MyEclipse

You can create custom reusable project templates from your PhoneGap projects in MyEclipse 2015. A PhoneGap project User Template can be used to create new projects with similar structure, features, web frameworks and JavaScript libraries. Sharing standardized project templates mobile technologies and project layout saves time and avoids common project setup and configuration errors.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Create and use a custom template
Note: Mobile development was removed in MyEclipse 2016. This tutorial only applies to MyEclipse 2015.
  1. Create the base application you want to use as a template. Be sure it includes all the libraries, pages, features, and plugins you need.
  2. Right-click your project, and select Export>PhoneGap Project User Template.
    Exporting as a template
  3. Enter a template filename, select an export location, and click Next.
    Naming the template
  4. Enter a title and description that appears on the template selection page.

    You can also select project folders to include in the template. If you take a screenshot of your project, you can add it for quick visual identification.
    Setting template properties
  5. Click Finish.

To use a custom User Template, create a new PhoneGap Application project, and on the Select Template page of the wizard, click User Template. Browse to your user template location if its not the default, then select a template you created.