MyEclipse Libraries

The Eclipse JDT model includes the classpath container concept. A classpath container is a logicalcollection of Java libraries, i.e., JAR and ZIP files, that canappear on a project’s classpath. MyEclipse provides you with many user-configurable classpath containers, including Generic JavaEE Libraries and many framework libraries, like JSF, JPA, Spring,Struts, etc.

Note: Runtime libraries are not deployed with your project.

The figure below depicts contents of a Java EE 6 runtime library.

Expanded view of a MyEclipse  library

To modify project libraries, do the  following:

  1. Open the project Libraries preference page by selecting  Windows>Preferences from the menu, expanding MyEclipse, and  selecting Project Libraries.
  2. Select the library to modify, and use the Add or Remove  Custom JAR buttons to edit the contents as needed.

    Project Libraries preference page