Customizing the Mac OS X Upgrade Warning

As discussed in the Mac OS X and Eclipse Mars technical note, you may get into a state where your Mac OS X users need to run an installer to upgrade across the Eclipse 4.5.0 boundary.  You can customize this notification if the default message does not apply to your environment.

You can customize the notification using an environment policy or the package itself.  If you set values in the package, they will take precedence over settings in the environment policy.

Customizing the Notification in Your Package

  1. Close your admin console.
  2. Inside your install path of your admin console, locate the local-storage directory. On Mac OS X, this directory will be inside the “Admin Console” app bundle. Use the “Show package contents” in the Finder to look inside your Admin Console application.
  3. Edit local-storage/metavc/packages/${package-guid}/package.xml and add the following elements:
    <property key=”mac.mars.update.notification.title” value=”YOUR CUSTOM TITLE”/>
    <property key=”mac.mars.update.notification.text” value=”YOUR CUSTOM TEXT”/>
    <property key=”mac.mars.update.notification.download.url” value=”YOUR CUSTOM URL”/>
    <!– Available intervals are “DAILY” and “WEEKLY”, the default is DAILY –->
    <property key=”mac.mars.update.notification.interval” value=”DAILY”/>
  4. Open your admin console and commit and promote your package.

Customizing the Notification in Your Environmental Policy

  1. Open your Admin Console.
  2. Go to “Environment Policies” section and select your environment policy.
  3. Under the “Properties” tab, use the Add action (+) in the “All OSs” tab and add the properties you want to customize:
    – mac.mars.update.notification.title
    – mac.mars.update.notification.text
    – mac.mars.update.notification.download.url
    – mac.mars.update.notification.interval (Available intervals are “DAILY” and “WEEKLY”, the default is DAILY)
  4. Once you added your custom properties to the environment policy, commit and promote your policy and the packages that use this policy.