Mac OS X & Eclipse Mars (4.5.0)

The format of Mac OS X applications has changed in Eclipse Mars to make Eclipse and Eclipse-based applications look more like native OS X applications.  This format change was done in a way that is not backwards compatible, however SDC can work around this issue and will not put your users into a broken state.

What does this mean for you?  It means if you want to upgrade your existing package to Eclipse 4.5.0 on OS X, you have to run a two stage upgrade flow or run the package’s installer.  Because the old provisioning software doesn’t know how to interpret the new format, a single stage upgrade will not be offered to users.

Your options for addressing this issue are as follows:




Delayed Update

  1. Revert your changes to the package.
  2. Promote the package without changes to take updates to the SDC in-product software updates plugin.
  3. Give your users enough time to take the update. You can enable mandatory updates on your package’s security policy to help force adoption.
  4. Change the version of the base software to the new version you desire and promote again.
  • Users who take the first update will see updates as normal going forward.
  • Users who miss the first update or install snapshot versions of this package from before the SDC update will no longer receive in-product updates.

Use a New Package

  1. Create a new package (or clone an existing one)
  2. Update that package to the new version of your base software
  3. Leave this package on the current version of its base software.
  • All users who need the new version must switch to the new package. 
  • You can help your users migrate to the new package with a notification.

Disable Mac OSX Support for the Package

  1. Turn off Mac OSX support for the package in your its access policy.
  2. Promote the access policy
  3. Promote the package.
  • Existing Mac users, if any, will no longer get in-product updates.
  • Windows and Linux users are able to continue using this package without interruption.

Immediate Update

  1. Continue with your promote.
  • Mac OSX installations will no-longer get in-product updates and users will have to run the new installer.

In instances where your Mac installations are no longer receiving updates due to this installation change (Delayed Updates and Immediate Update options above), a notification will automatically be displayed in Mac OSX telling the user to run the installer. Please refer to this documentation for ways to customize this notification.

If you have any questions about these options, please cancel this promote and submit a support request.  We are more than happy to help you with your upgrade process!