Moving an SDC Delivery Hub

Moving the SDC Delivery Hub is the one SDC administrative operation that has significant ramifications to your clients. Because of this, we suggest you discuss a migration path with your Genuitec representative before starting. It is also why we strongly suggest all users start with a fully qualified domain name for their Delivery Hub.

When moving a Delivery Hub, you have a few options:

  • Start from scratch
  • Remap your hostname in DNS
  • Move your installation
  • Assign a new host or port to your SDC Delivery Hub

Option 1: Start from Scratch

If you are installing SDC on a new machine with a new domain name and you can easily reproduce the setup in the new installation, this option is the simplest. Install the SDC Delivery Hub using the installer, and provide the new, fully qualified domain name in the installer.  You must also install a new Admin Console to talk to the new Delivery Hub.

Discard your old Delivery Hub, Admin Console installations, and installed packages unless you have purchased a license which allows you to run a second deployment for testing.

Option 2: Remap Your Hostname in DNS

If you want to physically move the machine or need to reassign IP addresses on your network, you can simply change the entry for the Delivery Hub’s domain name in DNS.  Note that you must be able to map the name in your DNS servers, so a fully qualified domain name for your Delivery Hub is most likely required.

No client-side action is necessary.

Option 3: Move Your Installation

If you are installing the SDC Delivery Hub on a new machine and keeping your old fully qualified domain name and port, you can copy your existing installation over to save on setup time.

  1. (optional – minimizes downtime) Copy all SDC Delivery Hub files (both server and datafiles directories) to the new machine using a tool like rsync that supports file updates.
  2. Update DNS to point the hostname to the new machine.
  3. Once DNS has propagated, shut down the Delivery Hub on the old machine.
  4. Copy all SDC Delivery Hub files (both server and datafiles directories) to the new machine.  If you used rsync in step 1, use it again now to copy/update only the files that changed since the previous copy.
  5. Start the Delivery Hub on the new machine.

No client-side action is necessary.

Option 4: Assign a New Host or Port to Your Delivery Hub

If you are switching the fully qualified domain name or port  of your Delivery Hub, you have to propagate that change to the clients (installed packages, the SDC Signing Agent, and Admin Consoles). The simplest way of doing this requires you to keep the old hostname registered in DNS for a while.

If you used just an IP address as your Delivery Hub’s address when you set it up, you can follow these steps, but all clients must be re-installed as the in-product updates will not be able to talk to the Delivery Hub.

Note: If you have remapped URLs, you need to get data for step 5 before you start!

  1. In your DNS server, map the new hostname to your Delivery Hub while keeping the old hostname mapped to your Delivery Hub.
  2. Modify your server/server/configuration/config.ini file to change the host and/or port settings (substitute your host/port below)
  3. Restart your Delivery Hub.
  4. Uninstall existing Admin Consoles.
  5. Go to http://<your hostname>:<your port>/admin/. Wait for the Admin Console to finish building, and then install the Admin Console.  You may have mapped the administration page to a different URL. If so, use the new URL instead.
  6. (optional – only required if you are using the SDC Signing Agent) Add an entry in the SDC Signing Agent to point to the new hostname and port.
  7. Make a small text change to all of your packages’ descriptions, commit, and promote them.
  8. Wait for all users to update their packages. Depending on your policies, this could take a long time (weeks/months).
  9. Remove the old hostname from DNS.