Provisioning Spring Tool Suite

To provision Spring Tool Suite with SDC follow the steps below, and start to enjoy the benefits of SDC.

SDC 2015
Eclipse 4.4.1.patched

  1. Install Eclipse 4.4.1.patched Software pack.
  2. In the Admin Console, create a new Eclipse package.
  3. Close your Admin Console, and navigate to the package.xml of the package you just created. The file will be in a path such as ${admin_console_installpath}/local-storage/metavc/packages/{$package_guid}/package.xml
  4. Add the following lines to the xml, just before </package>. 
    <property key="rcp.eclipse.version" value="4.4.1.patched”/>
  5. Reopen the Admin Console.
  6. Import a third party library from http://dist.springsource.com/release/TOOLS/update/e4.4.

    Select all software but do not use the “Include all software during import site”, and do not select any other referenced site to be imported.
  7. Import Atlassian from the following site, selecting “Atlassian Connector for Eclipse.” 

    Don’t select all software on site, but do select to also include the referenced Mylyn site. (http://update.atlassian.com/atlassian-e … /rest/e3.7)
  8. Import the Mylyn 3.11 software from http://download.eclipse.org/mylyn/releases/3.11/, but select only “Mylyn Task List” software and no other option.
  9. Import the E4 RCP site for eclipse 4.4.1.patched (http://download.eclipse.org/e4/download … repository).

    Select all software, but do not import referenced sites and do not “Include all other software during import of site.”
  10. Open the package you created in step 2, and select “Deliver a custom Eclipse RCP Product.”
  11. On the RCP Product tab select Product Line-up.
  12. In the RCP Delivered via Eclipse Product Line-up section browse for the Spring Tools Suite.
  13. Import a software from the Eclipse 4.4.1 patched update site. The default URL of this site is http://${sdc_hub_host}:${sdc_hub_port}/site/eclipse-discovery/4.4.1.patched.

    Note: If you are using web mappings, the URL will be different. To get the correct URL, create a package based on Eclipse 4.4.1 that is not this STS package, and install it on your system. Open the file {$package_install_path}/configuration/com.genuitec.pulse.client.delivery.package.runtime/current/metadata.xml and look for <public-repositories><uri nickname=”Eclipse Discovery”>.
  14. Now that you have the URL for the Eclipse Discovery site from your Delivery hub, try to import a new library using that URL and look for the following software:

    – Eclipse Platform
    – Eclipse Platform SDK

    Do not use the “Include all software during import site” or any software from any referenced sites. This can take some time.
  15. Add the following software to your package
    – Altassian Connector for Eclipse, from your library – step 7
    – Eclipse CVS Client, from Eclipse Discovery
    – Eclipse Java Development Tools, from Eclipse Discovery
    – Eclipse E4 Tools (Incubation), from your library – step 9
    – Mylyn Task List, from your library – step 8
    – Spring Tool Suite (required), from your library step 6.
    – Eclipse Platform SDK, from your library – step 13

With this you will get the latest STS managed by SDC